2023 Aston by-election

The result has been declared for the 2023 Aston by-election. View the result in the Tally Room.

Results will be progressively updated on the AEC’s tally room from after 6pm on by-election day.

All votes cast on by-election day will be counted on by-election night in the polling places where they were cast. The majority of votes cast at early voting centres will also be counted on by-election night at a central counting centre. A portion of the postal votes that have been received back by the AEC may also be counted on by-election night. However, postal vote counts will only be displayed on the tally room from early on Sunday morning.

If the result is close, we may not know which candidate wins the seat of Aston for a number of days or weeks. The AEC endeavours to provide results data as early as we can to enable people to hypothesise on the final result but we cannot legally declare seats on by-election night. To declare the result formally the margin in the contest has to be bigger than the total number of votes potentially left to be counted and a mandatory secondary count of every ballot paper has to have occurred.

Our motto is ‘right not rushed’. Clarity on the final result in any contest can come down to postal votes that are legally able to be returned to us up to 13 days after by-election day. Transport takes time.   

There are 5 candidates who have been officially declared for the 2023 Aston by-election. A random draw for positions on the ballot paper was undertaken at a public event on Friday 10 March.

  1. MILLER, Owen - FUSION: Science, Pirate, Secular, Climate Emergency
  2. CAMPBELL, Roshena - Liberal
  3. DI CAMILLO, Angelica - The Greens
  4. DOYLE, Mary - Australian Labor Party
  5. TESA, Maya - Independent

By-election date announced

Monday 20 February

Postal vote applications open

Monday 20 February

Issue of writ

Monday 27 February

Close of rolls

Monday 8pm 6 March

Close of nominations

Thursday 12pm 9 March

Declaration of nominations

Friday 12pm 10 March

Early voting starts

Monday 20 March

Postal vote applications close

Wednesday 6pm 29 March

By-election day

Saturday 1 April

Return of writ

On or before Wednesday 7 June

Updated: 24 April 2023