Industrial elections and ballots

As the AEC continues to respond to the developing COVID-19 pandemic, Industrial Elections are on hold until the end of September 2020. Specific information has been provided to registered organisations, the Registered Organisations Commission and the Fair Work Commission. However, where elections are essential to ensure the continuing governance of the organisation, the AEC will work with those organisations and the Registered Organisations Commission to ensure these critical positions proceed to election. Protected action ballots are still proceeding, by postal vote only.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Current industrial events

Full information regarding a specific industrial election can also be found on the relevant organisation’s website.


Submit relevant documents, as requested by the Returning Officer.

Candidate statements and forms

Lodge a candidate statement only if this is a feature of the event you are contesting.


For information on different aspects of the conduct of industrial elections please refer to the following resource material.

Updated: 30 July 2020
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