Industrial elections and ballots

Updated: 2 September 2019

In addition to federal electoral events, the AEC conducts a range of other elections and ballots. These include the following:

Industrial Elections

The AEC conducts office bearer elections for organisations registered under the provisions of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009, its associated regulations and the relevant organisation’s rules.

Organisations conducting an industrial election through the AEC can be either trade unions or employer bodies.

Industrial elections

Protected Action Ballots

The AEC conducts protected action ballots in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009, the associated regulations and Fair Work Commission orders.

Protected action ballots provide employees with an opportunity to vote on proposals for industrial action. Such ballots can only occur in the period during which an enterprise agreement is being negotiated.

Protected action ballots

Electoral event portal

The AEC uses an electoral event portal for the administration of Industrial Elections and Ballots and ballots.

Through this portal voters, candidates and client organisations can find and provide information relating to any industrial or commercial election or ballot being conducted by the AEC. Candidates are able to create nomination forms electronically and client organisations can electronically submit data and documents. Voters can also request access to post-election reports (industrial).

User guides and additional support material are available from the electoral event portal page. The AEC requires organisations to use this portal as it provides an appropriate level of data security. If you have any questions please contact your AEC Returning Officer.

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