Updated: 3 May 2021

Our security responsibilities

We will ensure that:

  • We protect the personal information you provide us with.
  • Your information will be stored in an appropriate environment and protected from loss in the event of a disaster.
  • Access to the AEC's web and email services is logged for reference in resolving any queries which may arise.

Increasing your safety online

We recommend the following steps be taken to assist in personal data security on any fixed or mobile computing service:

  • Install and renew your security software# and set it to scan regularly.
  • Turn automatic updates on for all your software, including your operating systems and other applications.
  • Check your internet browser security settings for ways to make your browsing more secure.
  • Do not open received emails or posts on social networking sites if they fail the following tests:
    • Is the message from a known and trusted source email address?
    • Is it reasonable to expect to receive a message from the source email address?
    • Does the message use correct grammar and spelling as would be expected from an honest source?
    • Is the message asking you to do something you are not 100 per cent comfortable with?
  • Where you feel that your computer or information has been compromised online, take immediate action and seek professional advice.
  • Stop and think before you post any personal information online.
  • Talk within your family about good online safety.
  • Do not access personal information via a computer which you do not control unless you are sure it is secure.
  • Stay up to date with safety online by visiting ‘Do things safely’ on the Australian Cyber Security Centre website.

Protect your access

You should:

  • Use passwords that are not easily guessable and remember to change them at least twice a year.
  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Never send your password via email.
  • Never use the same password for multiple accounts.

# Security software generally consists of Firewall, Antivirus, Spam email and Spyware protection.