Enrolment records

17.6 million Australians are enrolled to vote for the 2023 referendum. This is the largest enrolment in history.

The estimated national enrolment rate is 97.7%. The estimated national rate of Indigenous enrolment is 94.1% which is the highest it’s ever been. Additionally, the youth enrolment rate (18-24YOs) is currently at 91.4% which is approximately 1.8 million people.

What's happening


Redistributions of federal electoral divisions in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia are now underway.

2023 referendum: Your answer matters

Find out about the Constitution, the role of a referendum and what voter services will be available in the 2023 referendum.

Disinformation register

August 2023

Referendum question

Claims that there’ll be two questions on the ballot paper are incorrect.


Yes/No pamphlet

Calls for AEC fact checking don’t account for the legislative requirements.

Aug 2022

Compulsory voting

Comparisons to the 2017 postal survey process aren’t correct.

Nov 2022


You do not need to enrol separately for the 2023 referendum.

Apr 2023

Referendum Disclosure

Jun 2022

2022 federal election in review

Mar 2022

Reporting misinformation

Mar 2022

Go ahead, ask us anything

Aug 2021

Electoral integrity

Apr 2022

Online voting

Sep 2022

What is a referendum?

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Answers to common questions

When can a referendum be held?

A referendum can be held at any time, it does not need to be held in conjunction with a federal election.

I am living or going overseas

To be eligible to enrol to vote from overseas, you must be an Australian citizen aged 18 years or older, and intend to return to Australia within six years.

How do I return my form to the AEC?

You can upload, fax, or post your signed form or letter to the AEC.

A relative has died. How do I remove their name from the roll?

You do not need to notify the AEC when a relative or friend has died as this information is provided to the AEC.

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