What's happening

The change to the Electoral Act sets aside the element of the July 2020 determination that reduced the number of NT seats in the House of Representatives.

Initial public input into the Victorian and Western Australian federal redistributions has been received.

Each Redistribution Committee is due to release a proposal in quarter 1 of 2021.

The 2020 TSRA election was held on Saturday 28 November 2020. Information about the election process and results is available.

Public access to AEC offices continues to vary in line with local COVID-19 health restrictions across the country. While some AEC offices are fully open to the public, those in hotspot areas may be closed or open by appointment only. Members of the public seeking to visit an AEC office in person should contact us prior to visiting.

Recently approved amendments to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 relating to financial disclosure, election funding, and the deregistration of political campaigners and associated entities, took effect on 1 December 2020.

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