Queensland Legal, Constitutional and Administrative Review Committee

Updated: 29 July 2013

The legal, constitutional and Administrative Review Committee is a committee of the Queensland Legislative Assembly with a broad range of law reform responsibilities.

The committee is established under the Parliamentary Committees Act 1995 (Qld), which provides that the committee has responsibilities in the areas of administrative review reform, constituional reform, electoral reform and legal reform.

The committee's issues papers and reports are available on the Internet via the Queensland Parliament's website.

Inquiry into the issues of electoral reform raised in the Mansfield decision

On 21 September 1998 Justice Mackenzie of the Supreme Court of Queensland sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns, handed down a decision in relation to a petition by Mr Frank Carroll disputing the 1998 Queensland State election result for the electorate of Mansfield. In his judgement, Justice Mackenzie raised two issues concerning electoral reform: misleading how-to-vote cards, and the status of the Court of Disputed Returns. The committee resolved to conduct an inquiry and report to the Queensland Parliament on the issues raised by Justice Mackenzie.

Sub: 98
Date: 30 November 1998
Title: Submission

Inquiry into the implications of the new Commonwealth enrolment requirements

On 28 October 1999 the committee resolved, on the request of the Attorney-General of Queensland, to undertake an inquiry into certain issues raised in a memorandum from the Queensland Electoral Commissioner to the Attorney-General, following the 1998 Queensland State election. These issues included election funding, financial disclosure, electoral enrolment procedures, enhancing the accuracy of the electoral roll, and electoral roll keeping arrangements.

Sub: 98
Date: 30 November 1999
Title: Submission

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