2020 Groom by-election

The Groom by-election will be held on Saturday 28 November 2020.

If you live in the division of Groom make sure your enrolment is up to date.

Issue of writ Monday 26 October
Postal vote applications open 4pm AEST Thursday 8 October

Close of rolls

8pm AEST Monday 2 November

Close of nominations

12 midday AEST Thursday 5 November

Declaration of nominations

12 midday AEST Friday 6 November

Early voting starts Wednesday 11 November
Postal vote applications close 6pm AEST Wednesday 25 November

By-election day

Saturday 28 November

Return of writ

on or before Wednesday 3 February

If you live in the federal division of Groom, you will be required to vote in this by-election. The division of Groom is located in QLD.

Map of Groom

Candidates for the by-election are not yet known.

Nominations of candidates for the by-election must be received by the Divisional Returning Officer for Groom at 50 Industrial Avenue, Wilsonton Qld 4350, before 12 midday on Thursday 5 November 2020. Nominations can be lodged in-person, via post or fax. To make an appointment please call 07 3834 3400.

There will be in-person and postal voting options available for this by-election and it is important to plan how you will cast your vote.

Postal voting

If you are unable to vote on by-election day or attend an early voting centre you can apply for a postal vote.

Early voting

If you are unable to cast your vote on by-election day there will be a number of early voting centres available. A full list of early voting centres and opening times will be available soon.

Voting on the day

Polling places will be open from 8am to 6pm on Saturday 28 November 2020. A list of polling places will be available soon

Overseas voting

There will be no overseas voting centres for the Groom by-election.

The AEC maintains a register of people who may be offered temporary work during elections, including by-elections. If you wish to be considered for work for the Groom by-election please submit an online registration of interest.

A House of Representatives by-election is undertaken using a preferential voting system to elect a single representative. To vote for a Member of the House of Representatives, you are required to write the number '1' in the box next to the candidate who is your first choice, and the numbers '2', '3' and so on against all the other candidates until all the boxes have been numbered, in order of your preference. You must number every box for your vote to count.

The AEC is factoring in the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment into our provision of voting services and throughout the broader by-election process.

For this by-election, we are implementing a range of safety measures, consistent with advice sought from government health authorities. This will include guidance for voters regarding appropriate social distancing and hygiene in the polling place. Hand sanitiser will be available and voting screens will be regularly cleaned by AEC staff.

Political parties, candidates and others involved in the election process are likely to distribute campaign material outlining policies and recommending who to vote for. These political campaigning activities are an important part of the election process, enabling voters to appropriately inform themselves ahead of casting their vote.

As with all communication it is important to stop and carefully consider whether the campaigning material you receive is reliable, current and safe. Who you vote for is entirely your choice.

Updated: 30 October 2020
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