Workers in Antarctica

By registering as an Antarctic elector you will be able to vote in any federal elections and referendums (and some state elections) held while you are in Antarctica. Registration ceases when you leave Antarctica.

Your name will be retained on the roll for the division for which you are enrolled and you will be eligible to vote as an elector for that division.

‘Antarctic’ for this purpose includes the Australian Antarctic Territory, the Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Macquarie Island and, in some cases, ships in transit.

No, while in Antarctica you do not have to vote as the secrecy of your vote cannot be guaranteed.

However, if you want to vote, the AEC will provide you with detailed information about how to vote while you are in the Antarctic.

The AEC will provide specific information on how you can vote while you are in Antarctica.

Updated: 3 July 2020
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