Enrolment for people with no fixed address

Updated: 11 July 2018

The PDFs on this page are fillable. Download and complete them on your device using Acrobat reader, or print them out and complete by hand. Returning your form to the AEC.

Australia Bushfires: Enrolment advice

If you are temporarily absent from your enrolled address due to the Australian bushfires you do not have to update your enrolment. See enrolment advice.

I have no fixed residential address / I am homeless, can I enrol to vote?

If you are an Australian citizen (or an eligible British subject) and aged 18 years or over, and have no real place of living, you may be eligible to enrol as an itinerant voter.

You can apply if you are:

  • itinerant – that is, living somewhere temporarily but do not have a place you intend to return to live
  • homeless with no access to safe and secure housing
  • homeless and living in crisis or transitional accommodation.

How do I enrol as a person with no fixed address?

Select the Enrolment for persons with no fixed address form for your state or territory from the list below.

To complete this form you will need to enrol:

  • for the address where you were last eligible to enrol, or
  • for the address where your next of kin is enrolled, or
  • in the division (also known as an electorate) where you were born, or
  • in the division for which you are most closely connected (for those born outside Australia).

Choose the state or territory form for the address/division where you are applying to enrol, even if it is not where you are currently living. This form will enrol you to vote in federal, state/territory and most local government elections.

If you are unsure contact your local AEC office for further information.

Will I get fined if I don't enrol and vote?

If you are already on the electoral Roll, then it remains compulsory for you to maintain your enrolment. If you are enrolled as a person with no fixed address, it is not compulsory for you to vote and you will not be fined.

It is not compulsory to enrol if you have never been enrolled and you have no fixed address. However if you do not enrol under this provision, you will be treated as an ordinary elector and may be included in the AEC’s enrolment update activities. Enrolment as a person with no fixed address will allow you to vote and participate in the democratic process.

If I enrol now, will I be fined for not being enrolled in the past?

The AEC wants to help every eligible Australian to enrol and vote. If you want to enrol now, but haven't been enrolled or voted in the past, you will not be fined.

Will my details be made public or passed on to other government agencies?

If you are registered as a person with no fixed address, only your name and division will appear on the electoral roll. The roll is available for public viewing at any AEC office.

Under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, your information may be made available to members of parliament, political parties, medical researchers and public health screening programs, certain government agencies and other electoral authorities. See the relevant no fixed address enrolment form below, for more details.

How do I vote?

You will be able to vote at any polling place within your state/territory or early voting centre, for other voting options that the AEC offers see Voting Options. Please note that the voting ‘overseas’ option is not available while you are enrolled as a person with no fixed address as the entitlement to enrol as a person with no fixed address only applies while you are in Australia.

What if my living arrangements change?

If you establish a permanent place of living in Australia and have lived there for a period of one month, you must enrol to vote as an ordinary elector.

Homeless people who live in crisis or transitional accommodation can continue to be enrolled as a person with no fixed address as long as they remain in this accommodation.

Long-term travellers within Australia

Are you travelling around Australia for an extended period and intend to return to your permanent address? For example, a long-term seasonal worker, or on an extended holiday through Australia?

If so, contact your local AEC office to inform them of your absence from your permanent address to make sure you are not removed from the electoral roll. Your local electoral office can notate your enrolment record with your intended return date.

Should an election be announced while you are travelling around Australia there are several voting options available to you including early voting, applying for a postal vote, or casting an interstate vote on polling day.

No fixed address enrolment forms

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