National new citizen enrolment rate

Updated: 24 January 2018

The percentage of new citizens enrolled within three and six months of attending a citizenship ceremony compared to the total number of new citizens estimated to be eligible to enrol. The new citizen enrolment rate measures enrolment over three and six month periods following the citizenship ceremonies. This means the rates reported below are for a period ending either three or six months prior to publication.

The national target for new citizen enrolment is 95%.

National new citizen enrolment rate
Citizenship ceremony in quarter ending New citizens Enrolled within three months of citizenship ceremony Enrolled within six months of citizenship ceremony
30 September 2017 22,400 96.0% -
30 June 2017 34,409 95.6% 96.5%
31 March 2017 31,065 93.7% 94.7%
31 December 2016 19,686 92.2% 93.4%
30 September 2016 29,628 85.7% 88.3%