Profile of the electoral division of Forrest (WA)

Updated: 1 April 2019
Western Australia
Date this name and boundary was gazetted:
19 January 2016
First election this name was used at:
1922 federal election
First election this boundary was used at:
2016 federal election
Map of Division:
Name derivation:
Named in honour of Sir John Forrest, 1847–1918. Forrest was an active member of the Constitutional Conventions that led to the Commonwealth of Australia and a member of the House of Representatives (1901–18).
11 072 sq km
Location description:
Forrest covers an area in the south west corner of Western Australia from the Shire of Harvey in the north to the Shires of Augusta-Margaret River and Nannup in the south. The Division includes the cities of Bunbury and Busselton and the shires of Augusta-Margaret River, Capel, Dardanup, Donnybrook-Balingup, Harvey and Nannup.
Products/Industries of the Area:
Agriculture, forestry, mining, fisheries, manufacturing, commerce and tourism.
Demographic rating:
Rural – outside capital cities and without majority of enrolment in major provincial cities.
Current member details:
Please refer to the Parliament of Australia website.
  • Marino, N (LP) 2007–
  • Prosser, G (LP) 1987–2007
  • Drummond, P H (LP) 1972–1987
  • Kirwan, F (ALP) 1969–1972
  • Freeth, G (LP) 1949–1969
  • Lemmon, N (ALP) 1943–1949
  • Prowse, J H (CP) 1922–1943
AEC contact:
Forrest Divisional Office
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