Profile of the electoral division of Scullin (Vic)

Updated: 9 July 2019
Date this name and boundary was gazetted:
13 July 2018
First election this name was used at:
1955 federal election
First election this boundary was used at:
2019 federal election
Maps and data
A4 map of the electoral division of Scullin (2018) [PDF 724KB]
Map of the Division of Scullin (2018) [PDF 2.95MB]
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Name Derivation:
Named in honour of the Rt Hon. James Henry Scullin, 1876–1953. Scullin was Prime Minister of Australia (1929–32) and a Member of the House of Representatives (1910–13 and 1922–49).
116 sq km
Location description

The Division of Scullin consists of part of the Whittlesea City Council.

Products/Industries of the Area:
Manufacturing, light industrial, food processing, packaging and distribution, health and education.
Demographic Rating:
Outer Metropolitan – situated in capital cities and containing large areas of recent suburban expansion.
Current member details:

Please refer to the Parliament of Australia website

  • Giles, A (ALP) 2013–
  • Jenkins, H (ALP) 1986–2013
  • Jenkins, H A (ALP) 1969–1986
  • Peters, E W (ALP) 1955–1969
AEC Divisional Office:
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Further information:
For supporting information, see Party codes, demographic ratings and seat status.
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