Profile of the electoral division of Mallee (Vic)

Updated: 9 July 2019
Date this name and boundary was gazetted:
13 July 2018
First election this name was used at:
1949 federal election
First election this boundary was used at:
2019 federal election
Maps and data
A4 map of the electoral division of Mallee (2018) [PDF 724KB]
Map of the Division of Mallee (2018) [PDF 6.69MB]
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Name Derivation:
Named after the georaphic location covered by the electoral division. 'Mallee' is believe to be an Aboriginal word for dwarf eucalypts which grow in the area.
81,962 sq km
Location description

The Division of Mallee consists of:

  • Buloke Shire Council,
  • Central Goldfields Shire Council,
  • Gannawarra Shire Council,
  • Hindmarsh Shire Council,
  • Horsham Rural City Council,
  • Loddon Shire Council,
  • Mildura Rural City Council,
  • Swan Hill Rural City Council,
  • West Wimmera Shire Council,
  • Yarriambiack Shire Council,
  • part of the Northern Grampians Shire Council, and
  • part of the Pyrenees Shire Council.
Products/Industries of the Area:
Dried fruit, citrus and stone fruit, wheat and cereals, wool, sheep, vegetables, vineyards, olive oil, dairy and beef cattle, meat works, mining and flour milling.
Demographic Rating:
Rural – outside capital cities and without majority of enrolment in major provincial cities.
Current member details:

Please refer to the Parliament of Australia website

  • Broad, A (NP) 2013–
  • Forrest, J (NP) 1993–2013
  • Fisher, P S (CP/NCP/NP) 1972–1993
  • Turnbull, W G (CP) 1949–1972
AEC Divisional Office:
Divisional Office contact details
Further information:
For supporting information, see Party codes, demographic ratings and seat status.
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