ATTENTION COVID-19+ voters: last day to apply for a postal vote

Updated: 18 May 2022

The AEC is today reminding any voter who tested positive to COVID-19 since Saturday 14 May that today is their last day to apply for a postal vote if they haven’t already voted.

Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said that for some COVID-19 positive voters, postal voting is the only option available to them.

“Postal vote applications close at 6pm today – it’s the last chance for people who need to cast a postal vote,” Mr Rogers said.

Applying for a postal vote is easy, go to now.”

“If you tested positive to COVID-19 on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday – and you haven’t already voted - then I’d urge you to apply for a postal vote now.”

“Just like any aspect of society recently, if you have COVID-19 you have to plan more carefully. An election is no different.”

Telephone voting

Any eligible voter who tests positive to COVID-19 after 6pm on Tuesday 17 May is eligible to access a telephone voting solution if they haven’t already voted.

“There will be a telephone voting solution available but that won’t apply for people who tested positive prior to 6pm last night – it has limited eligibility criteria,” Mr Rogers said.

“Once postal vote applications close this evening we’ll have information available on the website for people who need to, and are eligible to, register for telephone voting.”