Groom by-election: COVID-19 safety measures in place on Saturday

Updated: 26 November 2020

This Saturday is by-election day for voters in the federal electoral division of Groom.

The Acting Australian Electoral Officer for Queensland, Adrian McCabe, said the range of COVID-19 safety measures in place meant the traditional by-election day voting experience would be a little different from usual.

“We’re asking you to be patient, as it might take a little longer than usual to cast your vote,” Mr McCabe said.

“Safety measures include the availability of hand sanitiser, venue-capacity limits, social-distancing guidance and the regular cleaning of voting screens.

“Though we’re encouraging people to bring their own pen or pencil to mark their ballot paper, there will be single-use pencils available for those who do not.

“COVID-19 safety measures will also be implemented during the count – both on by-election night and in the days afterwards.

“Depending on how close the results are, it might take longer than normal to determine who is elected.

“Any significant increase in postal and pre-poll votes cast could also affect the speed of the count, noting the legal requirement to wait 13 days after by-election day for the return of postal votes.”

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