Media attendance – COVID-19 requirements

Updated: 17 June 2020

The AEC is advising media who would like to gather video footage or take photographs at voting venues for the Eden-Monaro by-election that they must seek prior permission.

Opportunities for media to attend a voting venue for this purpose may be limited because of COVID-19 safety measures that are necessarily being implemented. These safety measures include venue-capacity limits, with voters being prioritised.

Media representatives are encouraged to, where possible, gather images or conduct interviews from outside a venue. Media representatives provided with permission to enter a venue will need to follow social distancing and hygiene requirements in line with the directions of the Officer in Charge of the venue.

Media planning to visit a voting venue – an early voting centre or by-election day polling place – must contact the AEC media team at:

Editor’s notes:

  • The guidelines for media attendance at voting venues are listed below. These guidelines are in addition to adherence to COVID-19 safety measures.


Media turning up at a polling place without obtaining prior permission might be refused entry. Media failing to follow AEC guidelines at the polling place might be asked to leave

Members of the media who would like to visit a polling place must ensure the following guidelines are adhered to:

  • The operation of the polling place must be allowed to continue without disruption or any inconvenience to voters or polling officials.
  • Media must adhere to the direction of the Officer in Charge at all times.
  • Media are not allowed in a ballot paper secure zone.
  • Media are not allowed to film or photograph items in ballot paper secure zones.
  • Any filming of a person voting must ensure that none of the voter’s ballot paper selections can be identified.
  • Media must not touch any ballot papers, or interfere with the operation of voting or the count.
  • Particular scenes cannot be “recreated” for better effect.
  • Ballot papers and other AEC materials must not be removed from the polling place.
  • The rights of voters, polling officials and other members of the public in the polling place who do not want to be filmed must be respected.
  • The rights of scrutineers (candidate representatives) who wish to observe the count closely must be respected.