Eden-Monaro by-election: Plan how you will cast your vote

Updated: 11 June 2020

The Australian Electoral Commission is strongly urging all Eden-Monaro voters to plan how they will cast their ballot in the 4 July by-election.

The Australian Electoral Officer for New South Wales, Warwick Austin, said that in the current COVID-19 pandemic it was more important than ever to consider the range of in-person and postal-voting options available.

“My message to voters is to carefully consider your personal circumstances and seek information from the AEC website early,” Mr Austin said.

Postal voting

While applications for postal votes can be lodged with the AEC until 6pm on Wednesday 1 July, Mr Austin stressed that it was important for this by-election to apply early.

“If you need a postal vote, please don’t leave it to the last minute,” he said.

“For some locations, an application left until the last minute creates the risk that we just simply can’t get ballot papers to you, despite our best efforts.”

Early voting centres

The early voting period starts on Monday 15 June, and centres will open progressively from this date.

Given the diverse community circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, the AEC has increased the number of early voting centres in the division of Eden-Monaro to 13 to cater for an anticipated increase in early voting eligibility.

A full list of early voting centres is available.

By-election day

By-election day is Saturday 4 July. There will be more than 70 polling places available on the day, and these locations will soon be made available on the AEC website.

COVID-19 safety measures

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AEC has introduced a range of safety measures for by-election voting venues to conform to the advice of health authorities.

An outline of COVID-19 safety measures is available.

Eden-Monaro map

Electoral map of Eden-Monaro