About the electoral event management portal

Updated: 30 July 2020

The AEC uses an electoral event portal for the administration of industrial and commercial elections and ballots.

Uploading member lists and other documentation

Client organisations can electronically submit member list documents and other information relating to any electoral event being conducted by the AEC.

The contact responsible for uploading documentation must be a registered portal user and must be recorded with the relevant Returning Officer as the person responsible for uploading documentation.

The AEC requires organisations to use this portal as it provides an appropriate level of data security.

Instructions for creating an account are available. Once an account is created, you can submit all required data and documents through the portal.

Please note that each state/territory within an organisation will be required to make a separate request to the AEC.

Please ensure the Fair Work Commission or Registered Organisations Commission decision number is included when submitting data and documents to ensure the correct action is taken by the AEC.

For assistance please provide us with additional information via our Contact Us form.

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