Political Party Registration

Updated: 24 June 2019

Political party registration: Applications under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Electoral Act)

  • An application to register a new party would be expected to take at least 12 weeks to complete.
  • Applications from currently registered parties to register a party logo are expected to take a minimum of six weeks to complete.

These timeframes could be extended if there are objections during the one month public consultation process, as applicant parties have the right of response to objections provided to the AEC.

Section 127 of the Electoral Act provides that “no action shall be taken in relation to any application for the registration of a political party” in the period commencing on the day of the issue of a writ for a federal election and finishing on the day of the return of that writ. That means that the processing of applications must freeze on the issue of a writ for a federal election (including a by-election) and can commence only after that writ is returned.

Guidance for party registration applications is provided below.

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