eReturns: Third Party Quick Reference Guide: Creating an account

Updated: 19 October 2012

Creating an account

Third parties that incur political expenditure can register online and create an account for themselves instead of waiting for an obligation letter with credentials. To do this, go to

login to eReturns screen with create an eReturns account link highlighted

This is the eReturns homepage. To create an account, click 'Create an eReturns account'. This will take you through a wizard to create your account.

To navigate through the wizard use the 'Back' and 'Next' buttons at the bottom right of the screen.

The first screen will ask you to select the type of return you need to complete. For organisations that incur political expenditure this will be the 'Third Party Return of Political Expenditure'.

NOTE: Individuals who incur political expenditure will need to register as an Individual Donor (by selecting 'Donor to Political Party Disclosure Return – Individual') and then lodge a Third Party Return of Political Expenditure from within that account.

create an eReturns account screen

Once you have selected the return type click 'Next'.

If you selected a Donor to Political Party–Organisations Return the following screen will appear and you will need to enter the details of the organisation you are lodging on behalf of.

NOTE: Individual lodging a Third Party Return of Political Expenditure will not see this screen, instead they will be taken directly to the Your details screen.

organisation details screen

Once complete, click "Next' and the Your details screen will appear.

your details screen

On this screen you will be asked to enter your details as the person lodging the return. Please ensure you enter your email address correctly as eReturns uses email for validation and to send you copies of any returns which you lodge.

Once you have completed entering your details click 'Next' to move to the Account details screen.

account details screen

On this screen you will be asked to choose a user name and password for your account and provide some secret information which can be used to verify your identity over the phone if you need to contact the Help Desk.

Once you have completed entering all the information requested, click 'Next'. A confirmation screen will appear advising you to verify your account by clicking a link in an email which will be sent to the email address that you provided.

email verification required message

The email sent to you will look like this.

verification email

When you click the link in the email you will get a confirmation that the verification has succeeded.

activation complete screen

You can now log in to your eReturns account using the credentials you created earlier.