Financial Disclosure Guide for Political Parties

Updated: 6 July 2016

Appendix 4: eReturns

The eReturns portal is a website built to allow political parties, associated entities, donors and third parties to fulfil their obligations under Part XX of the Act by allowing them to prepare and lodge their disclosure returns online. By lodging using the eReturns portal the need to transcribe and re-key data is eliminated and ensures that information is accurately reported on the AEC website when returns are made publically available.

To use the eReturns portal you need an account with a unique username and password. Party agents of political parties and the financial controllers of associated entities will have a username and password sent to them as part of their obligation letter. Obligation letters to political parties and associated entities are sent out soon after the end of the disclosure period. Donors and third parties will receive their username and password with their obligation letter as they are identified. Alternatively, donors and third parties can register online before they receive their obligation letter.

For more information about lodging a return online using eReturns please refer to the eReturns Quick Reference Guides.

Visit the eReturns Portal