Indigenous Electoral Participation Program

Updated: 23 March 2016

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) established the Indigenous Electoral Participation Program in 2010 to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage in electoral participation.

Over 20 AEC Indigenous and Community Engagement Officers, the majority of whom are Indigenous, deliver a range of services across Australia.

The objectives of the program are increase enrolment, voter turnout, formality and knowledge of electoral processes for Indigenous Australians.


Under the program, the AEC aims to deliver effective, culturally appropriate services to Indigenous Australians.

We work directly with communities or in partnership with other organisations to deliver services in ways that meet cultural and regional needs.

Services include the delivery of electoral information sessions, tailored materials for Indigenous voters, partnerships with government and non-government agencies, and a range of other community outreach activities.


The AEC produces a range of resources and materials to help promote Indigenous electoral participation, including:

  • posters, brochures and materials promoting enrolment and voting
  • culturally appropriate videos, images and audio files
  • publications on the history of the Indigenous vote and electoral milestones, and
  • specific materials on elections and referendums.


For further advice or support contact an AEC Indigenous Community Engagement Officer in your state or territory.

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