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Updated: 8 August 2014

Public Consultation into Modernising the Tasmanian Electoral Act

At the request of the Chief Electoral Officer for Tasmania, the Tasmanian Cabinet approved the drafting of a new Electoral Act to replace the Electoral Act 1985, with a view to: utilising contemporary legislative drafting; adopting modern electoral practice; and removing detailed procedures and forms, to be approved or prescribed as appropriate.

The Tasmanian Cabinet undertook a review to encourage public comments before formal drafting of the legislation commenced. As part of this review, the Tasmanian Cabinet released a discussion paper on proposed changes entitled Modernising Tasmania’s Electoral Act.

On 18 December 1999, the Chief Electoral Officer for Tasmania advertised for submissions in response to the discussion paper. Comments from the Australian Electoral Commission were formally sought on 20 December 1999.

The AEC provided the following submission.

Sub: n/a
Date: 18 February 2000
Title: Submission to the Chief Electoral Officer for Tasmania

In December 2000, a second discussion paper was released to be read in conjunction with matters raised in the first paper. The Electoral Bill 2004 was eventually released by the Tasmanian Government as an outcome of the discussion papers and public consultation. The Bill proposed a number of changes including establishing an electoral commission and modernising electoral procedure.

Further detail on the public consultation is available from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission consultation website.

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