Australian Bureau of Statistics

Updated: 8 August 2014

Public Consultation into the 2016 Census of Population and Housing

In late 2012, the Australian Bureau of Statistics provided the opportunity for public consultation into the nature and content of the 2016 Census. It was outlined that the key goals for the 2016 Census would be to: improve coverage; ensure the relevance of the Census data to users and providers; use resources effectively and efficiently; and protect the privacy of the public. The Australian Bureau of Statistics released its initial views in its 2016 Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on content and procedures for the 2016 Census (cat. no. 2007.0). The paper outlined a range of topics recommended for retention, review, and exclusion in the 2016 Census. The AEC provided the following submission.

Sub: n/a
Date: 11 June 2013
Title: AEC Submission to the ABS

Further detail on the public consultation is available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics consultation webpage.

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