Election results codes

Updated: 20 June 2016
Election results codes used in historical publications about elections for the Senate and House of Representatives
Election results code Party or group
AAFI Australians Against Further Immigration (NSW Branch)
AAP Advance Australia Party
AAHP Australian Affordable Housing Party
AAPP Australian Antipaedophile Party from 2016
ABF A Better Future For Our Children
ABR Australian Bill of Rights Group
ACH Australian Christian Heritage-Christian Democratic Party
ACP Australian Conservatives
ACS Abolish Child Support/Family Court Party
ADP The Aged and Disability Pensioners Party
ADVP Australian Defence Veterans Party
AED The Australian Ethnic Democrats
AEQ Australian Equality Party (Marriage)
AF Australia First
AFI Australians Against Further Immigration
AFLP Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
AFM Australian Family Movement
AFN Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated
AGP Australian Gruen Party
AIN Australian Independents
AIP Australia's Indigenous Peoples Party
AJP Animal Justice Party
ALA Australian Liberty Alliance
ALP Australian Labor Party (ALP)
AMHP The Australian Mental Health Party
AMEP Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
ANTI-COM LAB Australian Labor Party (Anti-Communist)
ANTI-SOC Anti-Socialist Party
AP Australia Party
APA Australian Progressive Alliance
ARF Australian Recreational Fishers Party
APEP Australian People's Party
APP Australian Protectionist Party
ARP Australian Reform Party
ARTS The Arts Party
ASG Abolish Self Government Coalition
ASP Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party from 2016
ASXP Australian Sex Party
AUC Australian Christians
AUP Australian Progressives
AWP Australian Workers Party
AWP Australian Women's Party
BAP Building Australia Party
BRP Bank Reform Party till 2013
BRP Mutual Party from 2014
BTA Bullet Train For Australia
C PROG Country Progressive Party
CA Carers Alliance
CAL Communist Alliance
CAP The Confederate Action Party of Australia
CCA City Country Alliance
CCC Climate Change Coalition
CCE Conservatives for Climate and Environment Incorporated
CCG Central Coast Green Party
CDP Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
CEC Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
CEG Citizens Electoral Councils of Australia Group
CG Cowper Greens
CIR Pensioner & C.I.R. Alliance
CLA Curtin Labor Alliance
CLP Country Liberals (Northern Territory)
CLR Country Labor Party
CM CountryMinded
CNP Country Nationalist Party
COM Communist Party
COK Coke in the Bubblers
CYA Australian Country Party
CPA Communist Party of Australia
CRNT Consumer Rights & No-Tolls
CTA Call to Australia (Fred Nile) Group
CVP Conservative Party of Australia
CYC Australian Cyclists Party
DEM Australian Democrats
DEP Defence and Ex-Services Party of Australia
DLP Democratic Labor Party (DLP) 1984 to 2013
DHJP Derryn Hinch's Justice Party
DLP Democratic Labour Party (DLP) from the 2013 election on
DRF Drug Law Reform Australia
DSA Deadly Serious Party of Australia
DSL Democratic Socialist Electoral League
DSP Democratic Socialist Party
EC Emergency Committee
EFF Independent EFF
EFN Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy Australia Incorporated
EI Irina Dunn Environment Independents
ESG Eastern Suburbs Greens
FFP Family First Party
FLP Federal Labor Party
FLR Family Law Reform Party
FLUX VOTEFLUX.ORG | Upgrade Democracy!
FNPP Australia's First Nations Political Party
FPA The Federal Party of Australia
FPY The Fishing Party
FST Australia First Party
FT Free Trade
FUT Science Party
GA Green Alliance Senate - New South Wales
GDA ACT Green Democratic Alliance
GLO Greens in Lowe
GLT Glenn Lazarus Team
GRN Australian Greens
GRY Grey Power
GSA The Green Party South Australia
GWA The Greens (WA) Inc
GVIC The Australian Greens - Victoria
HAN One Nation
HAR Tasmanian Independent Senator Brian Harradine Group
HMP Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
HOV Hear Our Voice
HPA Hope Party Australia
IG Illawarra Greens
IMO Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Flouride) Party
IND Independent
IND LAB Independent Labor
IND NAT Independent Nationalist
IND PROT Independent Protectionist
JLN Jacqui Lambie Network
JMP John Madigan's Manufacturing and Farming Party
JPI Janet Powell Independents' Network
KAP Katter's Australian Party
LABOR Australian Labor Party (N.S.W. Branch)
LANG LAB Lang Labor Party
LAOL Love Australia or Leave
LCL Liberal Country League
LDP Liberal Democratic Party
LEF Lower Excise Fuel and Beer Party
LFF liberals for forests
LIB Liberal Party (pre 1945)
LIB DEM Liberal Democrats (1940s)
LM Liberal Movement
LNC Liberal/National Coalition (in summary tables)
LNP Liberal/National Party (joint Senate groups)
LNP Liberal National Party of Queensland (from 2013 federal election)
LNQ Liberal National Party of Queensland (2010 federal election)
LP Liberal Party of Australia
MAP Mature Australia Party
MGP The MacArthur Gruen Party
MILL The 23 Million
NAN Common Cause - No Aircraft Noise
NAT Nationalist Party
NAT & FARMERS unknown
NCO New Country Party
NCP National Country Party of Australia (WA)
NCP Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)
NDP Nuclear Disarmament Party of Australia
NGST No Goods and Services Tax Party
NL National Labor
NLP Natural Law Party
NMP Health Australia Party from 2015
NP National Party of Australia
OAM One Australia Movement
OAP One Australia Party
OCF Helen Caldicott's - Our Common Future Party
ODR Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens)
ON Pauline Hanson's One Nation from 2015
ONQ One Nation Queensland Division
ONWA One Nation Western Australia
OPA One Parliament for Australia
ORP Outdoor Recreation Party (2001-04 elections)
OTH Other, including Independents
PAI Peter Andren Independent Group
PCA Phil Cleary - Independent Australia
PEO People Power
PIR Pirate Party Australia
PLP Progressive Labour Party
PPA Progress Party of Australia
PROT Protectionist Party
PUA Pauline's United Australia Party
PUP Palmer United Party
QF Queensland First
QG Queensland Greens
QLD CP Country Party (Qld)
QLD LP Queensland Liberal Party
RAP Rebuild Australia Party
RARI Reclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration
RCG Richmond/Clarence Greens
RCL Advance Australia Party
REP Renewable Energy Party
RFG A.C.T. Referendum First Group
RFP The Australian Recreation and Fishing Party
RLS Peter Breen - Reform The Legal System
RPA Republican Party of Australia
RUA Rise Up Australia Party
SAL Socialist Alliance
SAS Save the ADI Site Party
SCSG Stop CSG Party
SEN The Seniors
SEP Socialist Equality Party
SG Sydney Greens
SING Single Parents' Party
SMK Smokers Rights  Party
SOC CRED Social Credit Party
SOL Online Direct Democracy - (Empowering the People!)
SOV Australian Sovereignty Party
SP Service Party
SPA Socialist Party of Australia
SPA Secular Party of Australia
SPP #Sustainable Australia from 2016
SPRT Australian Sports Party
SSG South Sydney Greens
STATE LAB State Labor
SUN Seniors United Party of Australia
TCS The Climate Sceptics for the 2010 election
TCS No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
TCS Freedom and Prosperity Party from 2014
TFCA 21st Century Australia
TFP Tasmania First Party
TG Tasmanian Greens
TGA The Great Australians
TGP Australian Greens (NT Branch)
TPS Taxi Operators Political Service (Oceania)
TST Tasmania Senate Team
TUP Torres United Party
UAP United Australia Party in 1930s and 40s.  Unite Australia Party in 1987.
UNI Unity - Say No To Hanson
UNP Uniting Australia Party
VCE Australian Voice Party
VEP Voluntary Euthanasia Party
VET Ex-Service, Service & Veterans Party
VFU Victorian Farmer's Union
VGA The Victorian Green Alliance
VPG Vallentine Peace Group
WA Western Australia Party (early 1900s)
WKP The Wikileaks Party
WSG Western Suburbs Greens
WTP Weekend Trading Party
WWW What Women Want (Australia)
XEN Nick Xenophon Team
YNP Young National Party of Australia