Australian Electoral Commission

Change your name

Updated: 7 September 2015
The electoral roll for the North Sydney by-election in New South Wales is now closed. It is too late to update your details for this election. The North Sydney by-election is only for eligible voters living in the division of North Sydney in New South Wales. You can check your enrolment details to see if you are on the roll in North Sydney.

You can still update your details for future federal, state and local government elections.

If you change your name, you must update your enrolment with your new details or you could be removed from the electoral roll and you will be unable to vote.

You will need to provide evidence of your identity. You can use your driver's licence, Australian passport number or have someone who is enrolled confirm your identity. Please note that the AEC cannot accept any other forms of identification, such as 18+ or Proof of Age cards.

* When you finish updating your details, don't forget to close your browser to protect your privacy.

Already changed your details online? Check the status using the receipt number provided.

Or to change your name

When updating your enrolment details you might also need to update your personal details with your state and territory road traffic authority.