Australian Electoral Commission

Doing business with the AEC

Updated: 31 March 2014


The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) procures a range of goods and services from suppliers and these procurements are conducted in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

Value for money is the core principle that is applied to all procurement activity by the AEC. To ensure that value for money is achieved, the AEC:

  • encourages competition
  • promotes the use of resources in an efficient, effective, ethical and economical way
  • makes decisions in an accountable and transparent manner.

The AEC places all open tender opportunities on the Australian Government Electronic Tender System (AusTender).

AusTender provides centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans, multi-use lists and contracts awarded for the value of $10 000 or more (GST inclusive).

Annual Procurement Plan

In accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines, the AEC is required to publish on AusTender, the Annual Procurement Plan (APP), containing information on significant procurement activities proposed for the coming financial year.

The APP is published by 1 July each year, based on the best information available at the time of publication.

Please note that the APP is for planning purposes only and is not a commitment by the AEC to approach the open market so as to purchase the described goods and services. All planned procurements are subject to revision or cancellation.

Purchase orders

The AEC makes payments to suppliers for the purchase of goods and services using either purchase orders or corporate credit cards (the preferred method of payment where the cost is below $10 000 GST inclusive).

Purchase orders include a full description of the goods or services being purchased by the AEC, the GST payable, the relevant AEC contacts and the applicable terms and conditions.

A purchase order will identify the terms and conditions as either being those:

  • under a specific contract between the AEC and the supplier, or
  • under the Commonwealth's General Purchase Order Conditions for purchase of goods and services.
    These conditions can be downloaded from AusTender or you can obtain a copy from the Contact Officer indicated on the Purchase Order.

Each purchase order also has a unique identifier being the purchase order number. Suppliers are required to quote the purchase order number on all invoices.

Small business

Australian Government policy requires Commonwealth agencies to adopt maximum payment terms 'not exceeding 30 days' for small business from the date of receipt of a correctly rendered invoice. If your business meets the criteria of a small business, as described in Finance Circular No 2008/10: Procurement 30 Day Payment Policy for Small Business, please notify the AEC.

Updating information about your business

If you are a business already registered with the AEC, and your details have changed, e.g. phone number, email address, employee numbers etc. you are encouraged to update your details by contacting the AEC.