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AEC commercial election services (fee-for-service)

Updated: 12 June 2015
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AEC – 100 years of proven experience in elections and ballots

Australia's most trusted election provider also offers independent fee-for-service solutions for the election of committee members, office bearers and staff representatives. We also have significant experience in conducting workplace agreement ballots, referendums, plebiscites and polls.

Let us take care of your election, while you take care of business.

Upcoming elections

Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) 2015 Election of Practising Teachers to the QCT Board

Did you know the AEC can manage your Elections and Ballots for you?

The AEC can manage your elections and ballots for you. We will plan and conduct the entire election process, ensure a fair electoral system and maintain a secret ballot. We will ensure electors are fully informed of the pending election and are provided with a reasonable opportunity to vote.

To promote the transparency of the electoral process, there will be provision for the appointment of scrutineers and the roll will be available to candidates and scrutineers. The ballot material will be kept confidential.

We can provide attendance and postal solutions for your workplace agreement ballots; other yes/no ballots; and elections to office.

We can run elections for a variety of organisations. Our experience ranges from six voters to 95 000 voters. Some of the clients for whom the AEC has conducted elections and ballots in the past include private and public sector organisations; clubs and associations; unions; and employer and industry associations.

Why use the AEC for your election or ballot?

The AEC is an independent provider of election services. The AEC has 100 years of proven experience and skill in elections and ballots. Our reputation means you can trust the results because all AEC elections are run with complete integrity and professionalism.

AEC Minimum Standards

The AEC ensures that all of its fee-for-service elections and ballots are conducted according to its minimum standards. The minimum standards are:

  1. The ballot will be secret.
  2. The AEC will only conduct an Election or Ballot in its entirety, from announcement to declaration.
  3. Voters will be informed of the event concerned.
  4. Each Voter will have one vote, subject to the rules of the organisation concerned.
  5. Voters will be provided with a reasonable opportunity to vote.
  6. There will be provision for the appointment of scrutineers.
  7. The names on the roll of Voters are only available for viewing by Candidates and Scrutineers under AEC supervision.
  8. The Ballot material will be retained by the AEC until the close of the period of challenge.

For more information about the AEC minimum standards please contact us.

What are the costs involved?

The AEC's rates are very competitive. The cost of the election or ballot will vary according to whether they are conducted by:

  • attendance or post
  • the number of electors
  • the complexity of the voting system (i.e. yes/no, first-past-the-post, preferential)
  • the number of locations
  • the times that polling will occur.

How do I find out more?

Contact us for an obligation free quote or for further information.

Phone: 03 9285 7171