How to apply for a job at the AEC

Where are AEC vacancies advertised?

The AEC advertises ongoing and some non-ongoing vacancies on:

In addition, some jobs are advertised in local newspapers, vocation-specific journals and websites and in regional/interstate media.


To be eligible for engagement as an APS employee you must satisfy the conditions prescribed within the Public Service Act 1999 and the AEC Enterprise Agreement 2016-19, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • AEC employees must be Australian citizens.
  • Any person who is, and seen to be active in political affairs, and intends to publicly carry on this activity, may compromise the strict neutrality of the AEC and cannot be considered.
  • Applicants are required to consent to, undergo, obtain and maintain a character clearance.
  • Applicants are required to consent to, undergo, obtain and maintain the security clearance required for the role.
  • Applicants are required to meet the conditions of the AEC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy which outlines that all AEC staff must have received their recommended primary  (general population) dosage of any Approved Vaccine at that time, or have an exemption approved by an AEC Delegate. Currently, primary doses means you have had two doses of an approved vaccine. However if you are required under state or territory guidelines to have a booster vaccination to perform particular duties, you will be required to have additional dose(s) when eligible. The Federal Government recommendations on primary doses may change over time and the recommendations of that time will apply as the AEC definition.

All new ongoing APS engagements also are subject to a 6 month probationary period, during which we help you understand what is required of you in your new role and assess your suitability to work in the APS.

Former staff of any APS agency or the Australian Parliamentary Service are excluded from employment with the AEC until the redundancy benefit period resulting from any redundancy payment received from that employer has expired.

Your exclusion period is linked to the level of redundancy benefit you have received. Further information regarding exclusion periods is provided on the APSC website.

Obtaining further information about a job vacancy at the AEC

The job advertisement gives you detailed information about the role, the type of duties and responsibilities and the skills and experience you will need to excel in the role.

Should you require further information about the role a contact person is provided on the job advertisement who you may contact directly.

Why your application is important

In the AEC, selection is made in accordance with the merit principle, having regard to your current knowledge, skills, and experience against the requirements for the role, the duties associated with the position, and your potential for future development.

Your application is the first crucial step in the selection process, so it is important that it makes the best possible impression.

You must be able to demonstrate that you meet the requirements of the role sufficiently to warrant being shortlisted for further assessment. Missing information can mean the difference between being further considered or not. Proofread your application for any spelling, grammatical and typographical errors as they may adversely affect the presentation of your application.  

What information should my application contain?

The job advertisement will detail what information to provide under the “Apply Now” heading. Usually you will be required to provide:

  1. A one to two page pitch outlining how your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications align with the role
  2. Your resume/CV
  3. The names and contact details of at least two referees


This scheme aims to attract and develop applicants with disability and also facilitate cultural changes in selection panels and agency recruitment. If you are a person living with a disability and opt into the scheme; you are required to declare you have disability; and must meet the minimum requirements of this vacancy. Once these requirements are met, you are advanced to a further stage in the selection process. Merit remains the basis for engagement and promotion. You do not need to provide further information about your disability. For further information visit the APSC website.

One to two page pitch

A “pitch” is an opportunity to “sell” yourself and demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the role. Review the duties and responsibilities of the role along with the skills, experience and qualities that a candidate will need to excel in the role. In your pitch discuss how your skills and experience relate to the role and therefore make you suitable. It is not sufficient to simply state that you are good at something, you need to provide evidence. Explain your understanding of a certain attribute or capability and provide examples of when you have demonstrated this. The pitch is also an opportunity to explain your reason for applying for the role and interest in the work the AEC does.

Do not include copies of qualifications, certificates for short courses or written references at this stage, as these can be presented at a later date, if required.


Include the names of at least two referees within your application. One of your referees must be your current supervisor. Make sure you provide their full names, titles and current contact details, preferably both email address and phone number.

We may contact at least one referee to confirm information about your skills and capabilities. This can be done at any stage during the selection process. As an applicant you should tell us in your application if this is not appropriate for you, due to confidentiality.

What if I am applying for two or more vacancies?

If you wish to be considered for more than one vacancy in the AEC, you must complete a separate application for each vacancy.

Final check

  • the information in your cv/resume is up-to-date and accurate
  • your application details your skills and merit for the vacancy without exaggeration or understatement
  • your pitch has addressed all of the requirements for the role
  • the application is clearly presented
  • there are no spelling or grammatical errors

It is a good idea to ask another person to do a final check of your application.

Submitting your application

Your application must be received by the advertised closing date. The closing time for all vacancies is 11:59pm Canberra time. It is your responsibility to ensure the deadline is met. If an extension of time is required, please seek permission from the AEC’s Recruitment Team and the advertised contact person. An extension may be granted at the discretion of the selection committee, but this is not guaranteed.

The AEC recruitment team will communicate with you via your designated email address. Please ensure that both your email address and phone number are up to date and are the same in both your application and on your resume/CV.

If you have further questions, please email the Recruitment Team on or phone 02 6271 4631. Our team will respond to your queries on business days between 8:30am and 5:00pm AEST/AEDT.

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Updated: 18 February 2022