Step 4. Proposed report and public objections - NSW federal redistribution

Updated: 25 November 2015

The Redistribution Committee's proposed distribution of federal electoral boundaries in New South Wales was released on 16 October 2015. Read the Redistribution Committee's media statement about the proposal.

Report of the New South Wales Redistribution Committee

This material can also be inspected at AEC offices in NSW.

Objections to the proposal

Members of the public were invited to submit written objections relating to the redistribution between 16 October and 13 November 2015.

The 791 objections received are published below and will also be available for perusal at the office of the Australian Electoral Commission in Sydney.

No.Submitted by
O1 Campbell Rhodes [PDF 57 KB]
O2 Campbell Rhodes [PDF 57 KB]
O3 Andrew Newland [PDF 73 KB]
O4 Franc Vaccher [PDF 64 KB]
O5 David Klein [PDF 140 KB]
O6 Andrew Donnellan [PDF 136 KB]
O7 Jim Meng [PDF 117 KB]
O8 Eke Lloyd [PDF 199 KB]
O9 John Brock and Rosemary Page [PDF 137 KB]
O10 John Brock and Rosemary Page [PDF 136 KB]
O11 Rosemary McDonald [PDF 136 KB]
O12 Matthew Schelle [PDF 143 KB]
O13 Neville Usher [PDF 138 KB]
O14 Dellmai Dempster [PDF 133 KB]
O15 Anthony Evans [PDF 139 KB]
O16 Stephen Woodham [PDF 113 KB]
O17 Constantin Kritikos [PDF 316 KB]
O18 Marc-Daniel Sidarous [PDF 169 KB]
O19 Jeff Waddell [PDF 1.2 MB]
O20 Phillip and Susan Orphin [PDF 150 KB]
O21 Mike Maltman [PDF 113 KB]
O22 Aaron K Mendham [PDF 178 KB]
O23 Janet Turner [PDF 128 KB]
O24 Ian Wood [PDF 115 KB]
O25 Nancy Wood OAM [PDF 113 KB]
O26 Susannah Dale [PDF 120 KB]
O27 Kathy Parker [PDF 114 KB]
O28 Ian Cranwell [PDF 198 KB]
O29 Dougal Nivison [PDF 116 KB]
O30 Caitlin Mazoudier [PDF 113 KB]
O31 Peter Florent [PDF 1.3 MB]
O32 Peter Florent [PDF 1.1 MB]
O33 Peter Florent [PDF 1.1 MB]
O34 Peter Florent [PDF 1.2 MB]
O35 Peter Florent [PDF 982 KB]
O36 Peter Lowe [PDF 133 KB]
O37 Branwell Black [PDF 75 KB]
O38 Josine Irving [PDF 157 KB]
O39 Candy Hawkins [PDF 136 KB]
O40 Geoffrey Webb [PDF 135 KB]
O41 Kate and Royce Bennett [PDF 190 KB]
O42 John D McFadden [PDF 114 KB]
O43 Richard Guest [PDF 113 KB]
O44 Glennys Wincote [PDF 141 KB]
O45 Anne Wardle [PDF 113 KB]
O46 Falco Lombardi [PDF 112 KB]
O47 Phillip Elliott [PDF 116 KB]
O48 Rod Guest [PDF 133 KB]
O49 Gwydir Shire Council [PDF 1.4 MB]
O50 Jennifer Mary Hurrell [PDF 156 KB]
O51 William Pitty [PDF 188 KB]
O52 Christopher John MacLeod Blaxland [PDF 113 KB]
O53 Jennifer Cullen [PDF 115 KB]
O54 Paul Dobson [PDF 135 KB]
O55 David Keenan [PDF 131 KB]
O56 John O'Connell [PDF 155 KB]
O57 Mary Goodall [PDF 113 KB]
O58 Don Clinch [PDF 247 KB]
O59 Shaun Messer [PDF 154 KB]
O60 John Towns [PDF 153 KB]
O61 Robert Tovey [PDF 134 KB]
O62 Greater Port Macquarie Tourism [PDF 668 KB]
O63 Catherine Merchant [PDF 136 KB]
O64 Greg Every [PDF 114 KB]
O65 Martin Gordon [PDF 200 KB]
O66 Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce [PDF 709 KB]
O67 James Thomson [PDF 133 KB]
O68 Sandy Alsop [PDF 113 KB]
O69 Carol Smallman [PDF 134 KB]
O70 Steve Martin [PDF 137 KB]
O71 Petition 4 Signatures [PDF 127 KB]
O72 Graeme and Jennifer Gilbertson [PDF 180 KB]
O73 Michael Boswell [PDF 114 KB]
O74 Petition 2 Signatures [PDF 161 KB]
O75 Luciano Casmiri [PDF 218 KB]
O76 Patrick Cassegrain [PDF 187 KB]
O77 Robyn Burtinshaw [PDF 325 KB]
O78 The Council of The Shire of Bourke [PDF 1.6 MB]
O79 Denis Cassegrain [PDF 1 MB]
O80 Jennifer Brooker [PDF 139 KB]
O81 Dr Michael Hedger [PDF 109 KB]
O82 Jan Hodgkinson [PDF 140 KB]
O83 Petition 2 Signatures [PDF 701 KB]
O84 Christopher Ristevski [PDF 135 KB]
O85 Michael Thomas [PDF 206 KB]
O86 Jeannette York OAM [PDF 156 KB]
O87 M Whitney [PDF 185 KB]
O88 Lisa MZ Rudham [PDF 118 KB]
O89 Laura Jones [PDF 114 KB]
O90 Joan Limon [PDF 115 KB]
O91 Howard Robilliard [PDF 157 KB]
O92 Karen Hansen and Graeme Riley [PDF 113 KB]
O93 Georgina [PDF 115 KB]
O94 Petition 2 Signatures [PDF 942 KB]
O95 Fiona Dimos [PDF 114 KB]
O96 Ron Keating [PDF 134 KB]
O97 Jackson Blythe [PDF 112 KB]
O98 Carol Olde [PDF 108 KB]
O99 Robyn Rooth [PDF 131 KB]
O100 Gunilla Haydon [PDF 113 KB]
O101 John and Kay Burman [PDF 163 KB]
O102 Ronald Anson [PDF 143 KB]
O103 Brian Wicks [PDF 161 KB]
O104 Harry Creamer [PDF 115 KB]
O105 Michael Boswell [PDF 170 KB]
O106 Justin Page [PDF 471 KB]
O107 Lyle Eder [PDF 113 KB]
O108 Keri Huxley OAM [PDF 145 KB]
O109 Withdrawn
O110 Kevin Nesdale [PDF 130 KB]
O111 Kylie Hargreaves [PDF 1.4 MB]
O112 R D Chalmers [PDF 195 KB]
O113 Sarah Lukeman [PDF 142 KB]
O114 Valentine Tyson [PDF 2.4 MB]
O115 Jessica Doneley [PDF 117 KB]
O116 Petition 1 Signature [PDF 609 KB]
O117 Petition 1 Signature [PDF 187 KB]
O118 Judith and Geoffrey Hutchesson [PDF 153 KB]
O119 Jim Simpson [PDF 1.4 MB]
O120 Janice Johnson [PDF 860 KB]
O121 Peter Farquhar [PDF 116 KB]
O122 Cheryl Cooper [PDF 117 KB]
O123 Barbara Siladi [PDF 151 KB]
O124 John Griggs [PDF 154 KB]
O125 Aaron Clarke [PDF 153 KB]
O126 Simon Caldwell [PDF 116 KB]
O127 Graham Lauren [PDF 119 KB]
O128 Kristina Orders [PDF 116 KB]
O129 John Simon [PDF 192 KB]
O130 Robert John Morgan [PDF 117 KB]
O131 Jenny Walker [PDF 140 KB]
O132 James Doneley [PDF 141 KB]
O133 Janice Mapledoram [PDF 116 KB]
O134 Vishal Sood [PDF 141 KB]
O135 Petition 1 Signature [PDF 200 KB]
O136 Graham Donald [PDF 174 KB]
O137 Peter Mapledoram [PDF 116 KB]
O138 Port Macquarie-Hastings Council [PDF 2.4 MB]
O139 Joan Lynnette and Donald Kevin Beck [PDF 118 KB]
O140 Debra and Frank Moloney [PDF 138 KB]
O141 Graham Freemantle [PDF 145 KB]
O142 Peter J Goodwin [PDF 2.6 MB]
O143 Dr Shawky Nikola [PDF 117 KB]
O144 Kathlyn Brookes [PDF 171 KB]
O145 Norma Merchant [PDF 1.8 MB]
O146 Ernest Ray Lough [PDF 171 KB]
O147 W Phillips [PDF 171 KB]
O148 June Hart [PDF 175 KB]
O149 Brian Kelly [PDF 1.8 MB]
O150 Ing Ting [PDF 171 KB]
O151 Coleen Phillips [PDF 169 KB]
O152 R Tasker [PDF 169 KB]
O153 Craig Bashall [PDF 1.6 MB]
O154 Margaret Ellis [PDF 174 KB]
O155 Patricia Zergiotis [PDF 171 KB]
O156 S Kranitis [PDF 1.7 MB]
O157 S L Crawford [PDF 1.6 MB]
O158 Stephanie Bruno [PDF 174 KB]
O159 Con Zoumpoulias [PDF 175 KB]
O160 Petition 2 Signatures [PDF 192 KB]
O161 Petition 5 Signatures [PDF 1.3 MB]
O162 Petition 3 Signatures [PDF 1.2 MB]
O163 Petition 2 Signatures [PDF 1.2 MB]
O164 Petition 3 Signatures [PDF 1.2 MB]
O165 Petition 2 Signatures [PDF 1.1 MB]
O166 Brockmann Eco-Consulting (BEC) [PDF 267 KB]
O167 Frances and William Holland [PDF 111 KB]
O168 Rhys and Patricia Williams [PDF 178 KB]
O169 Leone Morrison [PDF 267 KB]
O170 Lorraine Iddon [PDF 183 KB]
O171 Y Patrick [PDF 138 KB]
O172 Petition 6 Signatures [PDF 169 KB]
O173 Withdrawn
O174 I D Chapman [PDF 128 KB]
O175 M J Winton [PDF 159 KB]
O176 Janette Liddle [PDF 1.3 MB]
O177 John E Lush [PDF 2.9 MB]
O178 Cheryl Weller [PDF 135 KB]
O179 The Nationals Forbes Branch [PDF 4.4 MB]
O180 Bruce and Margaret Adams [PDF 220 KB]
O181 Forbes Neighbourhood Watch Inc. [PDF 1.9 MB]
O182 Country Women's Association of NSW Forbes Branch [PDF 2.5 MB]
O183 David and Jacquie Ledgerwood [PDF 110 KB]
O184 Nicole McKenna [PDF 113 KB]
O185 Patrick Loughnan [PDF 113 KB]
O186 James Chatfield [PDF 1.1 MB]
O187 Sheila Marks [PDF 112 KB]
O188 Bruce MacCarthy [PDF 118 KB]
O189 John Cassegrain [PDF 2.4 MB]
O190 John Macarthur-Stanham [PDF 114 KB]
O191 Peter and Anne Manenti [PDF 135 KB]
O192 Wingello Village Association Inc. [PDF 1.2 MB]
O193 Ray Garnsey [PDF 132 KB]
O194 Petition 2 Signatures [PDF 127 KB]
O195 John McKeon [PDF 126 KB]
O196 Judi Payne [PDF 112 KB]
O197 Barry Byrne [PDF 121 KB]
O198 Nessie Byrne [PDF 121 KB]
O199 Richard Morris [PDF 111 KB]
O200 Will Mrongovius [PDF 16.5 MB]
O201 Weddin Shire Council [PDF 297 KB]
O202 Dart West Developments Pty Limited [PDF 308 KB]
O203 Joy Wignall [PDF 132 KB]
O204 Victoria Palmerston [PDF 114 KB]
O205 Michael Crawford [PDF 1.9 MB]
O206 Delvene Gladys Fritz [PDF 114 KB]
O207 Joan Holmes [PDF 112 KB]
O208 Exeter Village Association [PDF 126 KB]
O209 Anne Phillips, Joy Corben and Jenny Hutchinson [PDF 444 KB]
O210 Robert Fischer [PDF 130 KB]
O211 Kathy Marks [PDF 130 KB]
O212 Bundanoon Community Association (BCA) [PDF 1.8 MB]
O213 Russell Dawson [PDF 1.2 MB]
O214 M J Pryke [PDF 2.3 MB]
O215 Southern Eyecare [PDF 175 KB]
O216 Barbara Garrett [PDF 3.2 MB]
O217 Peter Woods [PDF 133 KB]
O218 Andreas [PDF 134 KB]
O219 Guang Zeng [PDF 703 KB]
O220 Diana Simms [PDF 133 KB]
O221 Edward Markovski [PDF 776 KB]
O222 Christopher Mitrothanasis [PDF 672 KB]
O223 Vicky Mitrothanasis [PDF 691 KB]
O224 David Low [PDF 134 KB]
O225 Angelique Mattis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O226 Gina Feros [PDF 1.6 MB]
O227 George Pappouli [PDF 1.6 MB]
O228 Nick Kostopoulos [PDF 171 KB]
O229 Vassilia Macris [PDF 1.6 MB]
O230 George Kouretas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O231 Susanne Ledger [PDF 1.7 MB]
O232 Ourania Varvaris [PDF 1.6 MB]
O233 Virginia Pandelidis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O234 Anna Fragogianis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O235 Christine Skiadopoulos [PDF 170 KB]
O236 Brad Metters [PDF 172 KB]
O237 Luigi Serafin [PDF 1.6 MB]
O238 Graham Austin [PDF 1.6 MB]
O239 Emmanuel Kypreos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O240 Chrisoula Ganis [PDF 171 KB]
O241 Sia Mourlas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O242 L Ison [PDF 170 KB]
O243 Anna Nikos [PDF 1.5 MB]
O244 Paul Prodromo [PDF 1.6 MB]
O245 Tina Petrovski [PDF 1.6 MB]
O246 Toula Tzimogiannis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O247 Romka Barczynski [PDF 173 KB]
O248 John De Soza [PDF 172 KB]
O249 Kathy Karagiannis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O250 George Hronis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O251 Elly Mangafas [PDF 1.5 MB]
O252 Daniel Correia [PDF 171 KB]
O253 Amanda Mangafas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O254 Sarina Hatzis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O255 Alexandra Zorbas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O256 Dimitrios Stivaktas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O257 George Delis [PDF 170 KB]
O258 Marissa Mellas [PDF 1.5 MB]
O259 Zoi Constantopoulos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O260 Mihalis Patakos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O261 George Karagiannis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O262 Nick Tzimogiannis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O263 Freda Pefkos [PDF 1.5 MB]
O264 Con Mourlas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O265 P Klokas [PDF 173 KB]
O266 Patricia I Goman [PDF 174 KB]
O267 E Serafin [PDF 1.6 MB]
O268 D Woodward [PDF 172 KB]
O269 Fred Prelic [PDF 1.6 MB]
O270 Rhonda and Joseph Staudinger [PDF 1.7 MB]
O271 Despina Christodoulou [PDF 172 KB]
O272 Robert Petrovski [PDF 1.6 MB]
O273 Sia Archondoulis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O274 Eric William Thomas Milne [PDF 171 KB]
O275 Maria Torres [PDF 170 KB]
O276 Elizabeth Durtanovski [PDF 1.6 MB]
O277 Vicki Danvers [PDF 172 KB]
O278 Maria Pappouli [PDF 1.6 MB]
O279 Doris Hoareau [PDF 1.6 MB]
O280 E R Burriss [PDF 170 KB]
O281 Zenna Katsikaris [PDF 171 KB]
O282 Con Katsikaris [PDF 1.6 MB]
O283 George Feros [PDF 1.6 MB]
O284 R K Bernays [PDF 171 KB]
O285 George Stivaktas [PDF 172 KB]
O286 Zois Stavrakas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O287 John Abbott [PDF 172 KB]
O288 Kevin A Hardie [PDF 175 KB]
O289 Colin Papandreas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O290 Georgia Peppas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O291 Steven Kakinis [PDF 172 KB]
O292 Efstathios Koutsogiorgis [PDF 1.5 MB]
O293 Dawn Matters [PDF 170 KB]
O294 George Hatzikiriakos [PDF 1.7 MB]
O295 Emmanuelle Prineas [PDF 171 KB]
O296 C Tsangarliotis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O297 Zakaria Hermena [PDF 173 KB]
O298 Trevor Rice [PDF 170 KB]
O299 Nick Stavrakas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O300 Thelma Hatzikiriakos [PDF 1.7 MB]
O301 Janice Northwood [PDF 171 KB]
O302 Kathy Loupos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O303 Anastasia Hronis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O304 Zahrias Hatzis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O305 Vassilios Mourlas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O306 Anthony Karagiannis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O307 Leonie Edna Quint [PDF 170 KB]
O308 Elefterios Diasinos [PDF 1.7 MB]
O309 Gary Seabrook [PDF 171 KB]
O310 Kon Macris [PDF 1.6 MB]
O311 Sofia Dellis [PDF 170 KB]
O312 Ashak Saweriss [PDF 171 KB]
O313 Jeffree Wilfred Hegarty [PDF 172 KB]
O314 Michael B Pilman [PDF 172 KB]
O315 Effy Gouras [PDF 1.5 MB]
O316 Earl Fosse [PDF 1.6 MB]
O317 M Economou [PDF 1.6 MB]
O318 Nicholas Mangafas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O319 A Topolianakas [PDF 175 KB]
O320 M Massa [PDF 170 KB]
O321 June Austin [PDF 1.6 MB]
O322 Christine Margaret Reid [PDF 1.6 MB]
O323 Rosalind Comino [PDF 170 KB]
O324 V Vassallo [PDF 171 KB]
O325 Marea Loupos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O326 Steven Magafas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O327 Louis Nikos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O328 Mina Archondoulis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O329 S Vassilacos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O330 Terry Metters [PDF 172 KB]
O331 F Fytanis [PDF 170 KB]
O332 Helen Prineas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O333 Margaret Davison [PDF 1.6 MB]
O334 Steven Bouzanis [PDF 171 KB]
O335 Mona Saweriss [PDF 170 KB]
O336 Lynette Mary Barlow [PDF 172 KB]
O337 Beryl Morton [PDF 171 KB]
O338 D W Jones [PDF 169 KB]
O339 George Macris [PDF 1.6 MB]
O340 Ekaterina Skiadopoulos [PDF 172 KB]
O341 Gregory Skiadopoulos [PDF 172 KB]
O342 Peter Kostopoulos [PDF 171 KB]
O343 E Magoulias [PDF 1.7 MB]
O344 Jason Paffas [PDF 171 KB]
O345 M J Morton [PDF 170 KB]
O346 Kevin Wetherall [PDF 170 KB]
O347 K Magoulias [PDF 1.5 MB]
O348 Vivian Kouretas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O349 Victor Prineas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O350 Liliana Formica [PDF 170 KB]
O351 Mina Aslanidis [PDF 1.5 MB]
O352 Angela Smith [PDF 170 KB]
O353 Vassilios Koukouras [PDF 1.6 MB]
O354 Maria Diasinos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O355 N Candarakis [PDF 170 KB]
O356 Magdi Khalil [PDF 172 KB]
O357 Penelope Ann Sheldon [PDF 1.6 MB]
O358 B Kilicaslan [PDF 171 KB]
O359 George Mourlas [PDF 172 KB]
O360 Mary Cooper [PDF 170 KB]
O361 Danny Gillerman [PDF 172 KB]
O362 Gordon F Stack [PDF 171 KB]
O363 Dimitri Lascaris [PDF 1.6 MB]
O364 S Lascaris [PDF 1.5 MB]
O365 Bradley Fosse [PDF 1.6 MB]
O366 Julianna Serafin [PDF 1.6 MB]
O367 Eliza Kostopoulos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O368 Patricia Pepper [PDF 171 KB]
O369 Kuziner [PDF 171 KB]
O370 Rev John Varvaris [PDF 1.6 MB]
O371 D Crompton [PDF 1.7 MB]
O372 Alex Peppas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O373 Georgia Vlachothanasis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O374 Dionisia Milonas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O375 Nick Karagiannis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O376 B Vassilacos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O377 Kalliopi Korkidas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O378 Carmel Di Mattia [PDF 175 KB]
O379 George Christodoulou [PDF 172 KB]
O380 Con Constantopoulos [PDF 1.6 MB]
O381 M Economou [PDF 1.6 MB]
O382 Mari Katsikaris [PDF 1.6 MB]
O383 Kelsey Archondoulis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O384 Chris Vasales [PDF 170 KB]
O385 Katina Koukouras [PDF 1.6 MB]
O386 Maria Gouras [PDF 1.6 MB]
O387 Routh Grigis [PDF 170 KB]
O388 Arthur Claude Ay [PDF 1.6 MB]
O389 Anastasios Fragogianis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O390 Caroline Davy [PDF 171 KB]
O391 P E Sparrow [PDF 170 KB]
O392 Heather White [PDF 134 KB]
O393 Darren McSweeney [PDF 447 KB]
O394 Julie and John Wrigley OAM [PDF 114 KB]
O395 John Patrick [PDF 157 KB]
O396 William Zuccon [PDF 668 KB]
O397 Benjamin Mofardin [PDF 160 KB]
O398 Matthew Andrews [PDF 112 KB]
O399 Simon Zulian [PDF 164 KB]
O400 Alison Platt [PDF 112 KB]
O401 Dr Mark Mulcair [PDF 178 KB]
O402 Raymond L and Irene Evans [PDF 113 KB]
O403 Chen Liu and Grace Chang [PDF 1.2 MB]
O404 Paula Morrell [PDF 132 KB]
O405 Great Lakes Council [PDF 3.8 MB]
O406 Northern Rivers Guardians Inc. [PDF 113 KB]
O407 Mayor of Maitland [PDF 128 KB]
O408 Glenn Brookes MP [PDF 3.1 MB]
O409 Rob Priest [PDF 112 KB]
O410 Beverley Izard [PDF 113 KB]
O411 Alison Platt and Shigeko Jewell [PDF 113 KB]
O412 S. David Moncrieff [PDF 215 KB]
O413 Wellington Council [PDF 358 KB]
O414 Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society Inc. [PDF 173 KB]
O415 Allyson Dutton [PDF 161 KB]
O416 Cessnock City Council [PDF 902 KB]
O417 Camden Council [PDF 3.8 MB]
O418 Asha Cugati [PDF 158 KB]
O419 Carol Herben OAM [PDF 110 KB]
O420 Louise A Hobbins [PDF 156 KB]
O421 Andriana Poulos [PDF 211 KB]
O422 Tonia Topolianakis [PDF 174 KB]
O423 Diana Mitrothanasis [PDF 175 KB]
O424 Dimitrios Vlachothanasis [PDF 202 KB]
O425 Jim Kokkinakis [PDF 168 KB]
O426 John Mitrothanasis [PDF 171 KB]
O427 Irene Gidarokostas [PDF 168 KB]
O428 Theodora Horbas [PDF 170 KB]
O429 Maria Tsatsoulis [PDF 205 KB]
O430 Maria Fellas [PDF 170 KB]
O431 June Storey [PDF 134 KB]
O432 John Karaboulis [PDF 121 KB]
O433 Vanessa Karaboulis [PDF 123 KB]
O434 Nicholas Karaboulis [PDF 123 KB]
O435 Grace Morfis [PDF 122 KB]
O436 Sylvia Morfis [PDF 124 KB]
O437 Theodore Morfis [PDF 124 KB]
O438 John Morfis [PDF 122 KB]
O439 Trent Morfis [PDF 123 KB]
O440 Jonathon Cordato [PDF 125 KB]
O441 Litsa Cordato [PDF 122 KB]
O442 Dr Dennis Cordato [PDF 123 KB]
O443 Ellis Varikos [PDF 123 KB]
O444 Yvonne Varikos [PDF 123 KB]
O445 Joanne Varikos [PDF 137 KB]
O446 James Varikos [PDF 123 KB]
O447 Peter Liaros [PDF 134 KB]
O448 Rania Liaros [PDF 133 KB]
O449 Chrissa Liaros [PDF 131 KB]
O450 Constantine Liaros [PDF 138 KB]
O451 Jana Liaros [PDF 130 KB]
O452 Penelope Liaros [PDF 134 KB]
O453 Gino Mandarino [PDF 204 KB]
O454 Winifred Bohm [PDF 225 KB]
O455 Jill Leemen [PDF 113 KB]
O456 William Manos [PDF 337 KB]
O457 Camden Historical Society Inc. [PDF 158 KB]
O458 Carrington Centennial Care [PDF 1.6 MB]
O459 Riccardo Adoncello [PDF 111 KB]
O460 Richard Boyd McCrohon [PDF 126 KB]
O461 Kai Chen [PDF 184 KB]
O462 Senator John Williams [PDF 5.1 MB]
O463 Clive and Lorraine Rattray [PDF 133 KB]
O464 Paul Blackman [PDF 204 KB]
O465 Narellan Chamber of Commerce [PDF 264 KB]
O466 Joyce I Bilish [PDF 133 KB]
O467 Sharynne Freeman [PDF 160 KB]
O468 Penrose Community Association [PDF 192 KB]
O469 David L Johnson [PDF 128 KB]
O470 Markus and Biba Von Euw [PDF 2.1 MB]
O471 Wibke Quinnell [PDF 139 KB]
O472 Agnes and Errol Stevens [PDF 140 KB]
O473 Justin Levido [PDF 366 KB]
O474 Mr and Mrs Spiropoulos [PDF 134 KB]
O475 Bruce Lloyd [PDF 113 KB]
O476 Alan James Wright OAM [PDF 113 KB]
O477 Philip Smith [PDF 211 KB]
O478 Andrew Fraser [PDF 394 KB]
O479 Vitocco and Hazlett Families [PDF 533 KB]
O480 Martyn Tizzard [PDF 126 KB]
O481 Bruce W Fairhall [PDF 182 KB]
O482 Wolfgang and Patti Fischer [PDF 1.3 MB]
O483 Rhonda Tanti [PDF 114 KB]
O484 Deirdre Trickett [PDF 113 KB]
O485 Nick Coffey [PDF 1000 KB]
O486 Parkes Shire Council [PDF 1.5 MB]
O487 Australian Labor Party (NSW Branch) [PDF 2.7 MB]
O488 Chris Manser [PDF 106 KB]
O489 Grace And Bill Sturrock [PDF 133 KB]
O490 Marie Hawke [PDF 179 KB]
O491 Mearle Denton [PDF 158 KB]
O492 Bonny Hills Progress Association Inc. [PDF 196 KB]
O493 Michelle Blicavs [PDF 217 KB]
O494 Constantine Lucas [PDF 126 KB]
O495 Michael Megna [PDF 112 KB]
O496 Country Women's Association of NSW Murrumbidgee Lachlan Group [PDF 150 KB]
O497 Robert Holley [PDF 322 KB]
O498 Michael Waterhouse [PDF 136 KB]
O499 Ben Wilcox [PDF 179 KB]
O500 Paul Reynolds [PDF 113 KB]
O501 Adreana Lorenzini [PDF 168 KB]
O502 Amanda Orphanides [PDF 123 KB]
O503 Anastasia Giesta [PDF 171 KB]
O504 Anastasia Peppa [PDF 175 KB]
O505 Andrew Marinos [PDF 173 KB]
O506 Andrew [PDF 174 KB]
O507 Angelo Antoniou [PDF 172 KB]
O508 Angelo Kandalepas [PDF 173 KB]
O509 Angelo Marinos [PDF 172 KB]
O510 Anthony Dangas [PDF 170 KB]
O511 Soeren Soerensen [PDF 135 KB]
O512 Hon Katrina Hodgkinson MP [PDF 7.7 MB]
O513 Camden Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Inc. [PDF 222 KB]
O514 Lorraine Morrell [PDF 135 KB]
O515 Will Mrongovius [PDF 14.6 MB]
O516 Warren Mackenzie [PDF 170 KB]
O517 Vicky Vassili [PDF 138 KB]
O518 Vedat Cagiran [PDF 180 KB]
O519 V Kamateros [PDF 171 KB]
O520 Vakina Magoulias [PDF 179 KB]
O521 Tsiamis Tom [PDF 172 KB]
O522 Tony Delaveris [PDF 173 KB]
O523 Toudri Girgis [PDF 177 KB]
O524 Tina Paxos [PDF 171 KB]
O525 Tesoriero [PDF 300 KB]
O526 Terry Parathypas [PDF 176 KB]
O527 Sotirios Mpirgiotis [PDF 1.7 MB]
O528 Sotiria Hatzikiriakos [PDF 173 KB]
O529 Sofia Bouzanis [PDF 172 KB]
O530 S Dunkerley [PDF 171 KB]
O531 Sam Stratikopoulos [PDF 139 KB]
O532 Samir Taouk [PDF 1.7 MB]
O533 Robert Upton [PDF 168 KB]
O534 Robert Ciaglia [PDF 169 KB]
O535 R Kolokotronis [PDF 173 KB]
O536 Reno Cassar [PDF 177 KB]
O537 R Dunkerley [PDF 173 KB]
O538 Rashad Saab [PDF 171 KB]
O539 Radhika Raniga [PDF 134 KB]
O540 Poppy Soares [PDF 172 KB]
O541 P Margaret Snodgrass [PDF 1.7 MB]
O542 A Nigro [PDF 175 KB]
O543 Afroditi Hatzikiriakos [PDF 179 KB]
O544 Alena Karpenkova [PDF 172 KB]
O545 Anna Stefanakis [PDF 1.9 MB]
O546 Arthur Peppas [PDF 176 KB]
O547 Phillip Paxos [PDF 169 KB]
O548 Camden Community Alliance Inc. [PDF 242 KB]
O549 Peter Poulos [PDF 172 KB]
O550 Peter Liaros [PDF 1.7 MB]
O551 Peter Archondoulis [PDF 172 KB]
O552 Athawasiog Ikovomou [PDF 176 KB]
O553 Aziz Bebawy [PDF 174 KB]
O554 Bill Kamateros [PDF 171 KB]
O555 Penelope Liaros [PDF 1.6 MB]
O556 Paulos Peppas [PDF 174 KB]
O557 P Antoniou [PDF 171 KB]
O558 Panayiotis Kandalepas [PDF 175 KB]
O559 Padelis Neromiliotis [PDF 171 KB]
O560 Odyssefs Triantafyllou [PDF 1.8 MB]
O561 N Williams [PDF 135 KB]
O562 Nikki Hassapladakis [PDF 170 KB]
O563 Nick Vassili [PDF 138 KB]
O564 Nick Kamateros [PDF 170 KB]
O565 Bill Mpirgiotis [PDF 1.6 MB]
O566 Nathan Hassapladakis [PDF 172 KB]
O567 Nanji Velji Raniga [PDF 137 KB]
O568 M Triantafyllou [PDF 1.7 MB]
O569 Morton Crawford [PDF 191 KB]
O570 Michael Stefos [PDF 174 KB]
O571 Michael Paxos [PDF 174 KB]
O572 Michael Paxos [PDF 172 KB]
O573 Michael Parathyras [PDF 178 KB]
O574 B Long [PDF 1.7 MB]
O575 Michael Orphanides [PDF 138 KB]
O576 Michael Melas [PDF 122 KB]
O577 Michael Katsikas [PDF 172 KB]
O578 Michael Haimandos [PDF 173 KB]
O579 M A White [PDF 170 KB]
O580 Mary Kalianiotis [PDF 172 KB]
O581 Maria Peppas [PDF 175 KB]
O582 Maria Kamateros [PDF 169 KB]
O583 Maria Ciaglia [PDF 171 KB]
O584 George Kamateros [PDF 172 KB]
O585 Lorraine Read [PDF 170 KB]
O586 Leslie H Kalas [PDF 1.7 MB]
O587 K Sutherland [PDF 136 KB]
O588 Krishnil Raniga [PDF 121 KB]
O589 Konstantina Peppas [PDF 181 KB]
O590 Kelly Robertson [PDF 171 KB]
O591 Keirron Mark Wilson [PDF 174 KB]
O592 Katina Tsiami [PDF 172 KB]
O593 Katie Upton [PDF 168 KB]
O594 Katherine Kalas [PDF 172 KB]
O595 Indecipherable [PDF 934 KB]
O596 Joyce Wulff [PDF 156 KB]
O597 John Petrou [PDF 80 KB]
O598 John Paxos [PDF 123 KB]
O599 John Kalianiotis [PDF 128 KB]
O600 John Hatzikiriakos [PDF 127 KB]
O601 John Graham Slender [PDF 136 KB]
O602 John Dangas [PDF 132 KB]
O603 John A Slender [PDF 122 KB]
O604 John Gouskos [PDF 127 KB]
O605 Jodie Cagiran [PDF 129 KB]
O606 Joanna Gouskos [PDF 127 KB]
O607 Jim [PDF 175 KB]
O608 Jim Petrou [PDF 89 KB]
O609 Jeff Soares [PDF 1.9 MB]
O610 Irene Parathyras [PDF 132 KB]
O611 Irene Ekonomou [PDF 122 KB]
O612 I Kolokotronis [PDF 123 KB]
O613 Helen Stratikopoulos [PDF 90 KB]
O614 Helen Stenos-Turner [PDF 172 KB]
O615 Helen Katsikas [PDF 122 KB]
O616 Helen Dangas [PDF 127 KB]
O617 G Zias [PDF 125 KB]
O618 Gregory Haimandos [PDF 126 KB]
O619 G F Heard [PDF 560 KB]
O620 Georgia Poulos [PDF 121 KB]
O621 George Stratikopoulos [PDF 91 KB]
O622 George [PDF 122 KB]
O623 George Ekonomou [PDF 118 KB]
O624 B Zias and G Zias [PDF 126 KB]
O625 F Marinos [PDF 123 KB]
O626 Fatai Slender [PDF 170 KB]
O627 Evangelia Rozonatos [PDF 173 KB]
O628 Effi Stefa [PDF 172 KB]
O629 Elizabeth Dodds [PDF 596 KB]
O630 Eleni Paxos [PDF 172 KB]
O631 Camille Hoareau [PDF 1.9 MB]
O632 Catherine Petratos [PDF 181 KB]
O633 E Jagers [PDF 172 KB]
O634 Efstathios Petratos [PDF 172 KB]
O635 Effie Katsaros [PDF 1.6 MB]
O636 Effie Kalas [PDF 1.6 MB]
O637 Dolly Georgiopoulos [PDF 174 KB]
O638 Celia Midon [PDF 170 KB]
O639 Dionisios Gouskos [PDF 205 KB]
O640 Chrisoula Ekonomou [PDF 172 KB]
O641 Dimitrios Hatzikiriakos [PDF 177 KB]
O642 Dimitra Kandalepas [PDF 172 KB]
O643 Connie Cassar [PDF 174 KB]
O644 Colin Robertson [PDF 168 KB]
O645 C Chartofillis [PDF 176 KB]
O646 Chrysoula Ikonomou [PDF 170 KB]
O647 Christine Neromiliotis [PDF 171 KB]
O648 Petition 2 Signatures [PDF 602 KB]
O649 Petition 7 Signatures [PDF 278 KB]
O650 John Korkidas [PDF 170 KB]
O651 Anne Korkidas [PDF 119 KB]
O652 Nick Kamateros [PDF 173 KB]
O653 Pat and David Grundy [PDF 1.5 MB]
O654 Cowra Shire Council [PDF 328 KB]
O655 Grant Feitelberg [PDF 84 KB]
O656 Graham S Olde [PDF 57 KB]
O657 Nicholas Mickovski [PDF 6.6 MB]
O658 Michael Trickett [PDF 107 KB]
O659 Margaret Russell and Sue Curby [PDF 61 KB]
O660 Janice Johnson [PDF 163 KB]
O661 Petition 1 Signature [PDF 578 KB]
O662 Anne and Eddie Broomfield [PDF 60 KB]
O663 Macarthur Law Society [PDF 19.8 MB]
O664 Macarthur Regional Organisation of Councils [PDF 285 KB]
O665 Southern Villages Group [PDF 93 KB]
O666 Petition 3 Signatures [PDF 73 KB]
O667 Ron Bezic [PDF 130 KB]
O668 Barry Smith [PDF 105 KB]
O669 Brad Lynch [PDF 107 KB]
O670 Angelo Labrakis [PDF 106 KB]
O671 George Maakaroun [PDF 154 KB]
O672 Harry Labrakis [PDF 125 KB]
O673 Chris Fellas [PDF 155 KB]
O674 Anastasia Karthans [PDF 171 KB]
O675 Periklis Giannoulis [PDF 106 KB]
O676 John Q Bone [PDF 61 KB]
O677 Griffith City Council [PDF 2.6 MB]
O678 Rotary Club of Camden Inc. [PDF 1.3 MB]
O679 Jodie Blackmore [PDF 106 KB]
O680 Kathleen Bone [PDF 63 KB]
O681 Fiona McLaurin-Cadden and Jan Wilson [PDF 60 KB]
O682 Riverina and Murray Regional Organisation of Councils [PDF 83 KB]
O683 Kenneth John Gray [PDF 60 KB]
O684 Janine Reed [PDF 84 KB]
O685 Sam Stratikopoulos [PDF 140 KB]
O686 Vashti Waterhouse [PDF 1.3 MB]
O687 Margaret Dirago [PDF 60 KB]
O688 Aneek Mollah [PDF 193 KB]
O689 George and Kaliope Conomos [PDF 1.2 MB]
O690 John Dash [PDF 78 KB]
O691 Philip Grey [PDF 61 KB]
O692 Benita Andrews [PDF 97 KB]
O693 Petros Kalligas [PDF 1.3 MB]
O694 Mayor Liverpool City Council [PDF 204 KB]
O695 Aristea Conomos [PDF 1.2 MB]
O696 Karen Sue Clifford [PDF 109 KB]
O697 Malcolm Baikie [PDF 60 KB]
O698 Andrew Blake [PDF 159 KB]
O699 Austin Evans [PDF 139 KB]
O700 Peter Sullivan [PDF 108 KB]
O701 Murrumbidgee Shire Council [PDF 2.6 MB]
O702 Lynnette Robyn and John Cobban [PDF 129 KB]
O703 Dr Charles Richardson [PDF 138 KB]
O704 The Nationals [PDF 866 KB]
O705 Malcolm Baikie [PDF 63 KB]
O706 Burrell Family [PDF 61 KB]
O707 NSW Farmers [PDF 173 KB]
O708 Tom Zeiser [PDF 101 KB]
O709 Steven Fotoulis [PDF 169 KB]
O710 Alan Pandelis [PDF 171 KB]
O711 Ron Franks [PDF 171 KB]
O712 Vladimir Patenjaga [PDF 170 KB]
O713 Maria Fellas [PDF 168 KB]
O714 Helen Fellas [PDF 168 KB]
O715 Maria Fellas [PDF 171 KB]
O716 Anthony Fellas [PDF 171 KB]
O717 Bill Fellas [PDF 171 KB]
O718 Chris Lascaris [PDF 169 KB]
O719 Maria Lascaris [PDF 171 KB]
O720 Hrisa Kamateros [PDF 172 KB]
O721 Liberal Party of Australia (NSW Division) [PDF 9.7 MB]
O722 Martha Contos [PDF 189 KB]
O723 Con Contos [PDF 188 KB]
O724 Amy Zahar [PDF 192 KB]
O725 Con Zahar [PDF 192 KB]
O726 Irene Fatseas [PDF 189 KB]
O727 Emmanuel Fatseas [PDF 173 KB]
O728 Despina Fatseas [PDF 174 KB]
O729 Spiro Cassimatis [PDF 172 KB]
O730 Maria Cassimatis [PDF 169 KB]
O731 Erica Cassimatis [PDF 169 KB]
O732 Carolyn Anthony [PDF 175 KB]
O733 Petar Marjanovic [PDF 177 KB]
O734 Zora Marjanovic [PDF 174 KB]
O735 Gabriela Lebic [PDF 175 KB]
O736 Francika Addabba [PDF 176 KB]
O737 Ivana Naglic [PDF 189 KB]
O738 Peter Sedrak [PDF 188 KB]
O739 Susan Sedrak [PDF 188 KB]
O740 Magdy Sedrak [PDF 188 KB]
O741 Xiu Qin Zhang [PDF 182 KB]
O742 Mary Kalergis [PDF 182 KB]
O743 E Kalergis [PDF 187 KB]
O744 Garsia Sylvia [PDF 188 KB]
O745 Garsia Oswald [PDF 182 KB]
O746 Ippokratis Loizos [PDF 182 KB]
O747 Afrodite Loizos [PDF 196 KB]
O748 Nick Loizos [PDF 176 KB]
O749 Maria Loizos [PDF 188 KB]
O750 Roula Labrakis [PDF 184 KB]
O751 Joseph Sleiman [PDF 192 KB]
O752 Sandra Sleiman [PDF 188 KB]
O753 Dr William Clark [PDF 196 KB]
O754 Noelle Taoube [PDF 184 KB]
O755 Georgina Frilingos [PDF 184 KB]
O756 George Frilingos [PDF 193 KB]
O757 Peter Van Den Wade [PDF 190 KB]
O758 Matina Comino [PDF 187 KB]
O759 Emanuel John Comino AM [PDF 197 KB]
O760 Sophie Kolistasis [PDF 129 KB]
O761 Particia Smith [PDF 189 KB]
O762 Thomas Tsiamis [PDF 175 KB]
O763 John Melas [PDF 188 KB]
O764 Anna Tsiamis [PDF 182 KB]
O765 Tony Tsiamis [PDF 194 KB]
O766 Betty Valli [PDF 126 KB]
O767 Peter Mouzomenos [PDF 186 KB]
O768 M Mouzomenos [PDF 181 KB]
O769 Jim Giannakakis [PDF 236 KB]
O770 No Name Supplied [PDF 218 KB]
O771 Georgia Giannakakis [PDF 281 KB]
O772 Tony Sarandopoulos [PDF 146 KB]
O773 Philip A Hunter [PDF 143 KB]
O774 K Pomery [PDF 125 KB]
O775 Norman Honer [PDF 128 KB]
O776 Megan Kuper [PDF 125 KB]
O777 Pip Hooper [PDF 126 KB]
O778 Jan Musgrave [PDF 125 KB]
O779 Dimitri Petrou [PDF 123 KB]
O780 Theo Spyrakis [PDF 127 KB]
O781 Kathy Sarandopoulos [PDF 127 KB]
O782 Alexandra Duff [PDF 133 KB]
O783 Jonathan Duff [PDF 133 KB]
O784 Jenny Longo [PDF 127 KB]
O785 Helen Spyrakis [PDF 139 KB]
O786 Diann Petrou [PDF 138 KB]
O787 Paul Sedrak [PDF 128 KB]
O788 Lydia Sedrak [PDF 143 KB]
O789 Ari Nikolopoulos [PDF 82 KB]
O790 George Antoniou [PDF 124 KB]
O791 Eleni Paxos [PDF 227 KB]