Step 3. Comments on public suggestions - NSW federal redistribution

Updated: 15 July 2015

Members of the public were invited to submit written comments on the suggestions relating to the redistribution between 25 May and 5 June 2015.

The 157 comments received by the Redistribution Committee are provided in full below.

No.Submitted by
CS1Samuel Tiberi [PDF 65 KB]
CS2Andrew Duval [PDF 63 KB]
CS3Leo Solomon [PDF 117 KB]
CS4Ramona Kennedy [PDF 94 KB]
CS5Sue Emonson [PDF 64 KB]
CS6Geoff Bennett [PDF 83 KB]
CS7Sally Blefari [PDF 61 KB]
CS8Bryn Town [PDF 68 KB]
CS9Sheila Quonoey [PDF 64 KB]
CS10Paul Davies [PDF 101 KB]
CS11Alison Rothwell [PDF 81 KB]
CS12 Antoinette and Paul Condon [PDF 65 KB]
CS13Sam Wyatt [PDF 192 KB]
CS14Paul Bailey [PDF 84 KB]
CS15Martin Gordon [PDF 119 KB]
CS16Leanne Schroder [PDF 62 KB]
CS17 Maurice McKinnon [PDF 66 KB]
CS18Linden Hyatt [PDF 131 KB]
CS19Paula Keyes [PDF 101 KB]
CS20Jeff Waddell [PDF 444 KB]
CS21Helen Buckle [PDF 451 KB]
CS22 Julio Gruttulini JP [PDF 51 KB]
CS23Mike Clifford [PDF 85 KB]
CS24Maggie Sheen [PDF 61 KB]
CS25Anthony Hook [PDF 59 KB]
CS26Peter Alley [PDF 82 KB]
CS27Caroline Summerfield [PDF 83 KB]
CS28Peter Martin Berger [PDF 97 KB]
CS29Denise Newton [PDF 61 KB]
CS30Robin Murray [PDF 60 KB]
CS31Glenda Browne [PDF 94 KB]
CS32Keegan Thomson [PDF 93 KB]
CS33Barbara Beard [PDF 74 KB]
CS34Helen Nicholas [PDF 117 KB]
CS35John Park [PDF 119 KB]
CS36Bill Morgan [PDF 104 KB]
CS37Rhett Brewer [PDF 146 KB]
CS38 Susan Lenehan and Richard Mills [PDF 112 KB]
CS39Louise Hutchinson [PDF 141 KB]
CS40Kevin Sorby [PDF 149 KB]
CS41Peter & Roslyn McFarland [PDF 146 KB]
CS42Beverly Redshaw [PDF 135 KB]
CS43Peter Thang Ha [PDF 393 KB]
CS44 Marcus Blease [PDF 197 KB]
CS45Karen Curran [PDF 120 KB]
CS46Diana Wilde [PDF 222 KB]
CS47Brian Rich [PDF 113 KB]
CS48 Michelle McManus [PDF 209 KB]
CS49Peter Kelleher [PDF 4 MB]
CS50Marjorie June [PDF 173 KB]
CS51Jeanne Robertson [PDF 164 KB]
CS52John Robertson [PDF 165 KB]
CS53Mick Fell [PDF 158 KB]
CS54Graham Davis [PDF 179 KB]
CS55Peta Williams [PDF 133 KB]
CS56Angelique Henson [PDF 2.3 MB]
CS57Geoff Turner [PDF 130 KB]
CS58Alan Armstrong [PDF 132 KB]
CS59Bob Hahn [PDF 150 KB]
CS60A Babbage [PDF 157 KB]
CS61Jack Wolfenden [PDF 136 KB]
CS62Ann Wharton [PDF 157 KB]
CS63John Shane Wharton [PDF 167 KB]
CS64William Grieve [PDF 170 KB]
CS65Kathleen Sneddon [PDF 199 KB]
CS66Margit Baltgailis [PDF 112 KB]
CS67Lynette Sinclair [PDF 230 KB]
CS68Stuart White [PDF 207 KB]
CS69Julie Robinson [PDF 203 KB]
CS70David Pasilow [PDF 156 KB]
CS71Rebecca Hilder [PDF 196 KB]
CS72 Kirsty O'Brien [PDF 107 KB]
CS73 Michael Baume AO, Michael Lynch, Michael Ball AM [PDF 79 KB]
CS74David Tobin [PDF 133 KB]
CS75Susan Elfert [PDF 162 KB]
CS76Marie Sitter [PDF 103 KB]
CS77Michael Manikas [PDF 106 KB]
CS78 Australian Labor Party (NSW Branch) [PDF 1.5 MB]
* Attachment to comment
CS79Gateway Family Services [PDF 484 KB]
CS80Blue Mountains City Council [PDF 485 KB]
CS81Mervyn Savage [PDF 105 KB]
CS82Brian Griffin [PDF 117 KB]
CS83Michele Corin [PDF 114 KB]
CS84Damien Ferri [PDF 233 KB]
CS85Sarah Shrubb [PDF 115 KB]
CS86 Richard Jackson-Hope OAM [PDF 116 KB]
CS87Rebekah Kaminski [PDF 114 KB]
CS88Mark Mulcair [PDF 162 KB]
CS89Sutherland Shire Council [PDF 2.4 MB]
CS90 Brian McInnes [PDF 113 KB]
CS91Claire Davis [PDF 114 KB]
CS92Kenneth John Goodlet [PDF 115 KB]
CS93Dylan Jones [PDF 352 KB]
CS94Susan Jalaluddin [PDF 118 KB]
CS95 Chris Abood [PDF 198 KB]
CS96Adrian Connelly [PDF 121 KB]
CS97John Clarke [PDF 117 KB]
CS98Sharnie Wu [PDF 139 KB]
CS99Peter Johnson [PDF 173 KB]
CS100Blue Mountains Community Interagency [PDF 418 KB]
CS101Shelley Oliver [PDF 243 KB]
CS102Alan Oliver [PDF 243 KB]
CS103Veronica Krzyszton [PDF 120 KB]
CS104Graham Gawne [PDF 138 KB]
CS105Lisa Hookings [PDF 118 KB]
CS106David Hunt [PDF 409 KB]
CS107Brian Kirkby [PDF 120 KB]
CS108Richard Nineham [PDF 1.4 MB]
CS109Tracey Austin [PDF 138 KB]
CS110 Malcolm McPherson [PDF 187 KB]
CS111Susan Templeman [PDF 2.2 MB]
CS112 The Greens NSW [PDF 176 KB]
CS113Gordon Weiss [PDF 346 KB]
CS114Mark Carey [PDF 133 KB]
CS115Michael Brown [PDF 213 KB]
CS116 Darren McSweeney [PDF 249 KB]
CS117Leanne Kosztelnik [PDF 121 KB]
CS118Paul Blackman [PDF 223 KB]
CS119Claire Hooker [PDF 184 KB]
CS120Jean Nicholson [PDF 118 KB]
CS121Brian Stokes [PDF 112 KB]
CS122Venessa Nasso [PDF 292 KB]
CS123 Barbara Bessant [PDF 118 KB]
CS124Patricia Dickes [PDF 118 KB]
CS125 Carol, Lindsay, Ellyn & Cadan Charman [PDF 123 KB]
CS126Australian Chinese Buddhist Society [PDF 1.5 MB]
CS127Roger Grealy [PDF 142 KB]
CS128Christine Beckhaus [PDF 117 KB]
CS129Annette Bennett [PDF 240 KB]
CS130 Janice and Christopher Taylor [PDF 136 KB]
CS131Kathleen Zanardo [PDF 117 KB]
CS132Warwick Coghlan [PDF 202 KB]
CS133 Leanne and Christian Hanvey [PDF 118 KB]
CS134Celeste Salter [PDF 142 KB]
CS135 Andrew Bailey [PDF 295 KB]
CS136Ian King & Shirley King [PDF 142 KB]
CS137Leanne Hutcheson [PDF 281 KB]
CS138Gerry Binder [PDF 127 KB]
CS139Elizabeth Anne Field [PDF 118 KB]
CS140Lindsay Holmwood [PDF 178 KB]
CS141 Helen Wakelin-King [PDF 114 KB]
CS142Ann Schrale [PDF 168 KB]
CS143David Wedgwood [PDF 368 KB]
CS144Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre [PDF 464 KB]
CS145Joseph Banasiak [PDF 180 KB]
CS146Maureen Grant [PDF 114 KB]
CS147Mel Rogers [PDF 315 KB]
CS148Barbara Wakefield [PDF 115 KB]
CS149Narelle Gai Halse [PDF 178 KB]
CS150Annie Daley [PDF 204 KB]
CS151 Liberal Party of Australia (New South Wales Division) [PDF 5.5 MB]
CS152Margaret Hilder [PDF 220 KB]
CS153 Suzanne van Opdorp [PDF 141 KB]
CS154 Ebony Daley-Carey [PDF 281 KB]
CS155Mark Radovich [PDF 209 KB]
CS156Matthew Hilder [PDF 283 KB]
CS157 National Party of Australia – NSW [PDF 562 KB]

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the comment, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.