Step 5. Comments on public objections - NSW federal redistribution

Updated: 30 November 2015

Members of the public were invited to submit written comments on the objections to the proposed redistribution between 16 and 27 November 2015.

Comments on objections are also available for perusal at the office of the Australian Electoral Commission in Sydney.

The 26 comments received by the Electoral Commission are provided in full below.

Comments on objections
No.Submitted by
COB1 Martin Gordon [PDF 132 KB]
COB2 Michelle Jelicic [PDF 118 KB]
COB3 Valerie and Philip Dutton [PDF 600 KB]
COB4 Dylan Smith [PDF 738 KB]
COB5 Coral Rogers [PDF 119 KB]
COB6 Russell and Helen Jones [PDF 166 KB]
COB7 Jeff Waddell [PDF 272 KB]
COB8 P C Hayward [PDF 1.4 MB]
COB9 John E Lush [PDF 330 KB]
COB10 Randolph Rossi [PDF 135 KB]
COB11 Dr Mark Mulcair [PDF 150 KB]
COB12 Kat Costigan [PDF 136 KB]
COB13 Jacquie Grallelis [PDF 1.3 MB]
COB14 Anonymous Pseudonym [PDF 145 KB]
COB15 Robert Waller [PDF 170 KB]
COB16 Carrathool Shire Council [PDF 161 KB]
COB17 Bruce and Margaret Adams [PDF 136 KB]
COB18 Forbes Neighbourhood Watch Inc [PDF 430 KB]
COB19 Forbes Branch Nationals NSW [PDF 305 KB]
COB20 Forbes Shire Council [PDF 303 KB]
COB21 Liberal Party of Australia (NSW Division) [PDF 6.2 MB]
COB22 Griffith City Council [PDF 2 MB]
COB23 The Nationals [PDF 323 KB]
COB24 Australian Labor Party (NSW Branch) [PDF 1.1 MB]
COB25 Austin Evans [PDF 248 KB]
COB26 Hon. Scott Morrison MP [PDF 4.5 MB]

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the comment, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.