Step 4. Proposed report and public objections - ACT federal redistribution

Updated: 12 October 2015

The Redistribution Committee's proposed distribution of federal electoral boundaries in the Australian Capital Territory was released on 11 September 2015.

Report of the Australian Capital Territory Redistribution Committee

This material can also be inspected at the AEC office at 50 Marcus Clarke Street Canberra.

Objections to the proposal

Members of the public were invited to submit written objections relating to the redistribution between 11 September and 9 October 2015.

All objections received are also available for perusal at the office of the Australian Electoral Commission at 50 Marcus Clarke Street Canberra.

The 29 objections received by the Redistribution Committee are provided in full below.

No.Submitted by
O1 Robyn Bergin [PDF 144 KB]
O2 James Eveille [PDF 146 KB]
O3 Geoffrey Robertson [PDF 134 KB]
O4 Roger Bacon [PDF 114 KB]
O5 Gary Potts [PDF 119 KB]
O6 John Clowry [PDF 131 KB]
O7 Ronald Sait [PDF 132 KB]
O8 Jon Stanhope [PDF 142 KB]
O9 Canberra and District Historical Society [PDF 177 KB]
O10 Professor Ian Young AO [PDF 567 KB]
O11 Harry Burkett [PDF 189 KB]
O12 Judith Thompson [PDF 197 KB]
O13 Steve Whan [PDF 135 KB]
O14 Carol Margaret Keil [PDF 135 KB]
O15 Jack Pennington OAM [PDF 193 KB]
O16 Tom Anderson [PDF 175 KB]
O17 Martin Gordon [PDF 115 KB]
O18 Mark Mulcair [PDF 118 KB]
O19 Tim Cooke [PDF 136 KB]
O20 Lin Enright [PDF 137 KB]
O21 Denis Robinson [PDF 134 KB]
O22 Darren McSweeney [PDF 331 KB]
O23 Catherine Brown [PDF 137 KB]
O24 Andrew Fraser [PDF 441 KB]
O25 Peter Edwards [PDF 157 KB]
O26 Brian Cox [PDF 288 KB]
O27 Arno Mikli [PDF 144 KB]
O28 ACT Labor [PDF 253 KB]
O29 David Wedgwood [PDF 451 KB]

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the objection, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.