Comments on Suggestions

Updated: 9 February 2011

Comments on Public Suggestions received by the Redistribution Committee for Queensland are reproduced here for information.

The list contains 47 comments received by the Redistribution Committee.
No. Comment submitted by
1 Martin Gordon [PDF 156KB]
2 Peter Graham [PDF 41KB]
3 Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council [PDF 78KB]
4 Gladys Waters [PDF 568KB]
5 Ray and Moya Deane [PDF 59KB]
6 Mark Mulcair [PDF 84KB]
7 Robert Buchan [PDF 251KB]
8 Graham Perrett MP [PDF 449KB]
9 Mark Bousen [PDF 84KB]
10 Kerry Fry [PDF 128KB]
11 William McKeown [PDF 110KB]
12 Maureen McGeachie [PDF 115KB]
13 Charles Reinalda [PDF 114KB]
14 Shane Bousen [PDF 101KB]
15 Anne Stone [PDF 136KB]
16 Diai Luffman [PDF 110KB]
17 Peter Slipper MP [PDF 362KB]
18 Russell Barkus [PDF 128KB]
19 Flora Barwick [PDF 78KB]
20 F E Perham [PDF 415KB]
21 78 Squadron Association [PDF 325KB]
22 Maxine Renouf [PDF 451KB]
23 Alastair W Nicholson [PDF 360KB]
24 Bob Richardson [PDF 8MB]
25 Michael Bond [PDF 154KB]
26 Julie Grace [PDF 113KB]
27 Samantha Devine [PDF 118KB]
28 Andrew Daniels [PDF 187KB]
29 Adam Poulus [PDF 75KB]
30 Judith Hathaway [PDF 75KB]
31 Matthew Bourke [PDF 71KB]
32 Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce [PDF 399KB]
33 Torres Strait Regional Authority [PDF 797KB]
34 Peter Yorkston [PDF 142KB]
35 Mount Isa Race Club [PDF 60KB]
36 Bruce Scott MP [PDF 223KB]
37 Mount Isa City Council [PDF 211KB]
38 Mid West Rugby League [PDF 225KB]
39 Australian Cane Farmers Association [PDF 89KB]
40 Andrew Laming MP [PDF 351KB]
41 Kate Townsend [PDF 19.5MB]
42 Cairns Chamber of Commerce [PDF 260KB]
43 Paul Neville MP [PDF 868KB]
44 Australian Labor Party (QLD) [PDF 1.5MB]
45 Bob Katter MP [PDF 223KB]
46 Birkdale Progress Association Inc [PDF 65KB]
47 Darren Delaney [PDF 108KB]

The views expressed in the material reproduced above are those of the individuals or organisations who lodged the comments, not the Redistribution Committee or the AEC.

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