Method of counting words for Candidate Statements

Updated: 28 April 2014

If the Returning Officer is required to count the number of words in a statement, they are counted as follows:

Category Example Number of words
1) Hyphenated words Co-author  One
Sub-Branch One
Vice-President One
1980 – 83 One
Candidates may attempt to hyphenate words to reduce the number of words. Generally, hyphenated words are only permitted when they are used according to standard usage —

  • For compound numbers, e.g. forty-six
  • For two part components, where one of the parts cannot stand as an independent word, e.g. sub-zero, re-election, sub-editor
  • For compound expressions, e.g. flow-on, full-time
  • To avoid ambiguity, e.g. three two-metre lengths
2) Slashes Victoria/Tasmania  One
1984/85  One
Secretary/treasurer  One
3) Abbreviations ANF One
e.g. One
i.e. One
4) One-letter words a, I, One
5) Formatting Paragraph numbers Nil
Dots Nil
Dashes Nil
Asterisks Nil
6) Heading of Statements Name of Candidate Nil
Office nominated for  Nil
Other introductory headings Nil
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