Federal redistribution of Queensland to commence in January

Updated: 16 December 2016

The Electoral Commission will publish a notice in the Commonwealth Government Notices Gazette on 6 January 2017 directing that a redistribution of federal electoral divisions in Queensland commence.

The previous federal redistribution of Queensland was determined on 15 December 2009, meaning that seven years has now elapsed and a new redistribution must commence within thirty days – before 14 January 2017.

The redistribution process will not alter Queensland’s number of federal electoral divisions. Queensland’s entitlement to members of the House of Representatives, as determined in November 2014, will remain at 30.

Further media advice will be distributed once the Electoral Commission directs the commencement of the redistribution.

Editor’s notes:

  • A redistribution is a redrawing of electoral division boundaries to ensure that, as near as is practicable, there is a similar number of electors in each electoral division for a given state or territory.
  • The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 requires that a redistribution of federal electoral boundaries is to occur once seven years has elapsed since the last redistribution.
  • Information about redistribution processes