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Updated: 16 June 2016

Enrolment and voting

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are missing out on having their voices heard at election time. Your vote is your voice on the laws and decisions that affect you and your community.

It is now too late to enrol or update your details for the 2016 federal election. However you can still enrol to vote in future federal, state and local government elections.

Election day is Saturday 2 July 2016

You can enter your postcode, suburb or electoral division for details on where to vote and to find out who the candidates are in your area.

If you can't make it on election day, you may be entitled to vote at an early voting centre or to apply for a postal vote.

AEC mobile polling teams will also visit many locations prior to election day including some hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and remote areas of Australia.

Fact sheets

Work as a polling official

Indigenous polling official

The AEC is looking for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to work during the 2016 federal election. There are a range of temporary roles available on election day and throughout the election period. Payment depends on the type of work and hours worked.

To apply for a temporary position, you will need to submit an online Registration of Interest form and provide details of your skills, knowledge and experience so we can consider what job you may be suitable for. Training and support will be provided depending on the type of job you are offered.

Staff from the AEC's Indigenous and Community Engagement Team are also available to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants with information on available jobs, working conditions and preparing and submitting an application

To learn more about this support, or to access detailed information about working with the AEC, please check out the following links:

Indigenous Electoral Participation Program (IEPP)

The AEC established the Indigenous Electoral Participation Program (IEPP) in 2010 to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage in electoral participation. The IEPP operates from each state and territory capital city and at the AEC's national office in Canberra.

Education and resources

The IEPP offers a range of videos, products and resources for schools, community groups and individuals. Contact us to request educational or information sessions (based on availability).

AEC's Reconciliation Action Plan

The AEC's Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has an internal focus of supporting our staff to gain an understanding, demonstrate a commitment and develop engagement skills to ensure the AEC is able to deliver electoral services in a manner that takes into account the needs and aspirations of Indigenous Australians.

An important priority for the AEC is the attraction and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and building a respectful, inclusive workplace culture.

National Indigenous Youth Parliament

The National Indigenous Youth Parliament (NIYP) 2014 was a week-long leadership program for young Indigenous Australians held in Canberra from 28 May to 3 June 2014. Applications for NIYP 2014 have closed.

Contact us

For more information on enrolment and voting, you can contact the AEC.

You can also contact an AEC Indigenous and Community Engagement Officer in your state/territory or national office.