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Updated: 3 July 2015

The Education Section of the Australian Electoral Commission aims to educate the Australian community about the electoral processes by which we elect our representatives to the Commonwealth Parliament, and how we as Australian citizens are able to have a say in changing the Australian Constitution.

One of the privileges of living in a democracy is the right to vote in elections. All Australian citizens 18 and over are required by law to enrol and vote. The AEC provides support for teachers wanting information for their students on enrolment, and for students wishing to enrol to vote. Teachers can order a poster to use at school to encourage students to enrol. Write to

For more details on enrolment visit

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Get Voting, school elections made easy

Does your school hold elections? Get Voting provides all the tools and information needed to run an easy, fair and fun election. You can also order election equipment like ballot boxes and election official badges. You can even get in contact with an election expert to get additional help.

Education resources

Education resources

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Education services

The Australian Electoral Commission provides various education services for schools and community groups. These include endorsed Professional Learning Workshops, sessions at the National Electoral Education Centre (NEEC) and a helpline for school elections.

Education programs and resources provided by the Australian Electoral Commission are free of charge. To order resources please email