Australian Electoral Commission

Classroom Resources

Updated: 28 November 2014

Enrolment poster

This poster is designed to encourage 16 and 17 year old students to enrol to vote.

'It's a federal election year' 2013 poster

This poster is designed to help students explore the 2013 federal election. Also available are a set of supporting activities which focus on integrated Civics and Citizenship learning within the History, Geography, Math and English streams of the Australian National Curriculum.

Activity sheets

Activity sheet answers

Federal election facts and figures

A fact sheet with information about enrolment, candidates, voting and the logistics of running a federal election.

Louder than one voice poster

The Louder than One Voice poster marks the 50th Anniversary of the Indigenous right to vote at federal elections. The poster celebrates this momentous occasion; offers an historic perspective and a timeline of major events; and suggests a range of classroom activities. The online version is designed for printing in an A3 format.

Let your electoral knowledge bloom!

Based on Bloom's Taxonomy the following activity sheets will allow your students to enhance their awareness of Australia's electoral system through:

  • Knowing
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analysing
  • Creating
  • Evaluating

Ballot paper generator

Customise and print ballot paper templates with the easy to use ballot paper generator. These templates are provided for educational purposes only.

Scrutiny chart template

Template for a printable scrutiny chart for use in conducting school elections.

Redistribution information

Two factsheets with information about the Victorian redistribution of 2010 and the South Australian redistribution of 2011.


A national map of all federal electorates in Australia

The Australian Constitution Alteration process

A flowchart which outlines the process of altering the Australian Constitution.

The Australian Constitution – Referendums: double majority

An information sheet which explains, using maps of Australian, what conditions must be met for a referendum to pass.


Federation Fact Sheets

This collection of four fact sheets covers topics pertaining to our nations Federation. Topics include 'Referendums', 'The First Commonwealth Parliament' and 'Voting in the Federal Election 1903'. Each of the fact sheets comes with accompanying activity sheet.

Three levels of government

A fact sheet explaining the three levels of government in Australia.

Voting activities for people with disabilities and learning difficulties

This series of activities are designed to explore the processes of elections and voting. Each activity is hands on and interactive.